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  1. My home park is SFOT and we are getting a new "parade". Can you believe it? I am counting the days until I get to ride...er see that baby!
  2. One thing I forgot... as cheap as season passes are now at either SFFT or SFOT you could get a pass and get SFGAM and SFSTL basically free. With San Antonio only 2 hours away you might really get your moneys worth. I just paid $39.00 for our SFOT season passes and $35.00 for a parking pass that is good at any SF park. Not to mention the Sports bottles ($1.00 refills) are good at other SF parks as well. Just a thought.
  3. SFSTL with Evil, Boss, Screamin Eagle and Mr. Freeze are not that far from Magic Springs. Maybe you could hit them on the way back to the Lone Star State. Have a great trip.
  4. Dude, your video of SFFT was.. umm. uhhh.. OK. The music was good- nice pacing. The commentary came across as the ranting of someone who lacks maturity. SFFT is the model that Shiparo says he is going to use to rebuild SF. Your reaction is exactly what I expect because you are not in the demographic that he has in mind. You know what.. his idea is working. Per cap spending and attendance is up- profit is up as well. So I do not think anyone at SF is going to care too much about the rant. As for the Texas parks- those are our home parks you know-do us a favor. If you are going to not have fun at our parks then stay at home in Alabama. I am sure that you can find the same thrills and chills you experienced at Alabama Adventure.. right?
  5. "Ol Blues barbeque" is the place. SFFT has something I wish all 6 Flags park had: They have Ol Blues barbeque, Sangerfest hall, Pete's diner and the Pizza place are all inside places to eat- air conditioned- very nice. We also really enjoy the layout. They have kids rides mixed in with every thrill ride. It makes it nice that you do not have to split up as a Family. Have fun- it is a nice park I think you will enjoy it- Warning- it has turned a little hot down here in Texas.
  6. We were just there last week on Saturday and Sunday. Very short lines-I am amazed! They did something to Rattler because everyone in our group thought that it was running much faster and much smoother that previous years. Goliath is a 'Mirror Image" Batman and does seem a little difterent. Do not forget to see "Blast" - a great show and they have an awesome nightly fireworks and laser show. They have a very nice log flume and a very wet (very very wet) rapids ride. Get the 2008 sports bottle. $ 12.99 but free refills all day- it is $9.99 with a season pass. If you like Barbeque- I bought the 3 meat plate at the barbeque place (SFFT has 3 or 4 nice sit down air-conditioned places to eat)- it was $11.99 but a lot of food- 2 can easily share- and it was very good. fresh, hot and tasty ( 3 things never said about Six Flags Food). Do not forget to squeeze in "Scobby Doo Ghost Blasters". They also have a nice selection of Flats- overall a very fun Park. They are having staffing issues which could lead to slow operations. I did not see that on our visit. They have a very nice waterpark that is free with admission. Enjoy-
  7. They had "Autoworld" in the Mid-70's. At that time (Penn Central Railroad owned the parks) the Six flags chain was SFOT, SFOG, SFOMA, Autoworld, Movieland Stars Hall of fame and Japanese Deer Village in Buena Park. Shortly after came SFAW, SFMM and SFGrAdv. Not in that order. Autoworld never really was great. SF was attempting to diversify to year round attractions.
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