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  1. Sorry if this is obnoxious or answered earlier. I went looking back, couldn't find it... but there's 4,000 pages... My wife and I are ready to introduce our coaster loving 9 year old to cedar fair parks and cedar point in particular. Want to buy a platinum pass for 2020 and make a run at 4 parks minimum. Should I buy the platinum passes now, or wait and see if they drop a special or decrease in October or November? They're $197 now...
  2. Thanks! I'll adjust and arrive at 10am then. Y'all just saved me from getting crushed by the other families. I don't know why I feel like remembering that I queued up in front of goliath early last year.
  3. Quick question for those who count SFGam as your home park. I'm traveling up this weekend with a group of friends with families. We all have season passes (STL is our home park). I thought i remember that SFGam handles their opening a little different that SFStl. The park is listed to open at 10:30, but don't they let you in before that, and that lines begin forming in front of each ride ahead of time? Is that still happening? I'm advising our friends that we want to arrive in the parking lot around 9:30am, but they think i'm crazy. Thoughts?
  4. This isn't specific to AK, but rather based on recent discussion. We're going to WDW Oct.'18. Having been to DL twice for extended stays in the past two years, I became a wizard at manipulating their old system. Now, WDW is different...and I think I understand the refresh situation no problem. However I saw in a recent post something like "remember we were a 2 person fast-paced party"...I'm guessing that refers to the fact that doing it with "only 2" is easier than larger groups. Just making sure that it wasn't something else (we're a group of three). Also on the fence about MNSSHP. Done the DL version twice and loved it. BUT the reviews of MK version underwhelmed me. BUT, with the park closing at 6pm 4 of our 6 nights there...starting to think the crowds on the other 2 nights will be so bad I'll almost to do the party one night. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  5. Ok...fine...I'll post the pictures I snapped last weekend. I'm a total novice, and more of a reader than poster, so sorry if these suck. I did engage in some conversations with employees on my trip. The first one had the guy having fun with it. He even told me what it's name is: "incomplete". Yuk yuk... A second kid though got really into a dorky coaster conversation with me. Super nice kid. Couldn't say enough about phantoms revenge (never been on it, nor to that park). Started discussing 2018 project. He became a little insider-y about it, but didn't want to give me anything. I started dropping what research I had conducted on it. He was rolling with it, and then I dropped that I "knew" it is being built by Mack...and he got very wide eyed and suspiciously quiet. Without confirming it...he basically confirmed it. Ish. I'll be back in June. Going to dig some more. The station, area, and footers are impressive in scope.
  6. All schools in NWA are out as well. Very large school districts. When you say NWA, do you mean this week or next? Also, Springfield isn't the largest school district in Missouri. Though it clearly is the largest of importance in the area. That "honor" belongs to KC, then STL city, then Francis Howell in St. Charles. I work for the FHSD...and our spring break is next week. And...we're coming down worth another family. I'm expecting crowds. Thankfully I'm also going early June...when it should be somewhat quieter. Either way...I'M HANKERIN' FOR SOME COASTERIN'
  7. Ah....Tom's Twister....that's a....memory. I'd love to ash old, vintage map of the park in those days. I remember, perhaps incorrectly, that the area it was in was very wooded. I also remember rumors of someone being killed on that ride (not true)...which served to scare us kids even more. Honestly...I'm no longer a fan of being spun. That Catwoman ...no thanks. I've never been on xcaliber either.
  8. Those lines are designed for ride ops to quickly pull people in to fill up the gaps as needed at that specific moment, whether it's one or two single riders at a time. Even if you are willing to let others go ahead of you, waiting in that manner defeats the purpose for the line. Plus, you're still adding an extra wrinkle to the ride ops' job, which ultimately does affect the rider throughput. Odds are they're not going to allow you to wait anyway. As long as you accept the risk that you guys can possibly get split up in the process, it shouldn't be an issue. Those are my thoughts as well. I'll be there, doing the traditional line multiple times earlier in the season. I may do some recon and talk to the ride ops to double check. It will likely never even come to pass anyway, but the thought jumped in my head. We have season passes to six flags for the third star straight year, looking to hit SFGA for the first time in forever this summer...and we bought SDC season passes as well. I foresee taking 2018 off from six flags, and then doing a cedar fair tour (and finally hitting holiday world).
  9. I regularly attend with my 6 year old daughter, and friends....and while she is a thrill seeker...she can only ride what she is tall enough to ride (fingers crossed for AT this summer). So, to that end...she will LOVE Spinsanity. I'm guessing either 46 or 48 inches will be the requirement. As far as JLBFM is concerned, we always go with a big party between 4 to 6 riders. However, I'm visualizing going with another guy and his daughter...and I'm thinking his child will want to skip it (easily frightened). My daughter will want to ride. In order to minimize the time we're separated, I'm wondering how much of a dirty play it would be to both go in the single rider line in the hopes that there is a car with only 4 peeps (which I see all the time) and we can both ride in the same car (albeit in different rows, natch). As long as we prioritize the flash passers, and true singles, would that be wrong? I hate, hate, hate watching empty seats on rides...and this would only be maximizing the rider throughput.
  10. Off topic....but did I notice that JLBFM had a single rider line last year?
  11. Thanks for the tips. I was able to use the app and scan the vouchers, but I also wanted to use the cards. The easiest way to do that is to bring the vouchers right to the turnstiles, with your cards. They'll scan the voucher, your fingerprint, and then your card. Boom, 2017 is added to old card. Note, this cannot be done in discover line. The decorations and fright fest activities were great (perhaps save for the weird children's area near tsunami soaker...which is just collision head team trauma central...heh). Crowd was super light. Overall, best experience we've had in a while. Father of other family we were with was a little upset with a food kiosk employee. The poor kid left the ice scoop in the bin, then refilled the bin. Losing scoop in process. He then started digging his HOPEFULLY clean and hairless arms into the bin. This horrified my friend. Also, some "gentlemen" I chatted with from Pekin Illinois were laughing at how the ride operator of Pandemonium was asking everyone to go home so she could leave. I bet she was just in the fright fest character. We need to get a babysitter and take in fright fest proper.
  12. Well, ok...noon instead of 10:30...but same question... Wish it was 10:30 though.
  13. I HATE to use the forum to ask these questions...but the confusion is simply too great. I am a current pass holder (along with the wife and small daughter). I purchased three more 2017 passes during the flash sale for us. I had six flags mail me the vouchers, and I have them in my possession. Hoping to go to the park tomorrow (Sunday). Also planning to use the bring a friend free perk for three people, as I received an email indicating that Sunday's were open for that for the rest of October if you purchased during the flash sale. I have called in past to ask these questions, but my other pass purchasing friends and I have gotta n different answers at different times. So, what is the most efficient strategy? 1) Enter parking using current gold pass, walking up to customer service outside the gates, processing there early (before 10:30 opening...if the window opens before 10:30), then taking passes and entering with friends through gate. 2) enter parking using current gold pass, use vouchers to enter the park at 10:30, then let friends roam free while we process passes by Excalibur. Options 3 and 4 would be same, but using vouchers for parking for some reason. If it makes a difference, one of our passes has dining attached (mine). Even though I have done passes before, it has always been so confusing, time consuming, and frustrating. Trying to have the best day tomorrow in spite of accomplishing this task (and getting the friends in). THANKS!
  14. TB305.....fantastic....utterly fantastic work. Showing my 6 year old daughter and explaining that she will get to see these (and ride SOME of them) next summer. Needless to say...she's STOKED.
  15. Strongly considering a trip to SDC in early November for the Christmas spectacular. I'm assuming it's busier at this time than it is during the summer. Is this accurate?
  16. Having never been on a the PE...could this size restriction simply be about the restraints? We live in litigious times, my friends. However, my family and I doing six days at DLR, and I'm considering ubering over to Knotts for a day. My daughter is only 46 inches though...maybe next year. No ponies...
  17. One thing to consider regarding this food service issue that hasn't been mentioned (mentioned much?) is that while the dining pass lunch hours begin at 11:30, it's not as simple as just hitting the one you want right away...as it sometimes becomes a game of "which food establishment is going to be open today?". They don't always open on time...if at all. Also, some of us enthusiasts have small children. Planning my park visits without kids is a completely different experience than doing it with kids. This is why the dining plan is so attractive (I hated dragging them all of the way out of the park...and packing multiple lunches...bah). Six Flags knows how they're making their money at SFStl right now (assuming they are making money...which I certainly hope they're doing), but it doesn't seem to center on the guest experience. I frequent about 7 boards on tpr, and this is the only one where these food service complaints exist...and they're deafening. There's a million different parks though...so is there another? Honest question.
  18. One thing has become increasingly clear...Six Flags kickbacks are a thing.
  19. In contrast how do you think lines will be there at Great America this Monday and Tuesday? Because that is when I'll be there. Last time I went was pre-Ragjng Bull. Hope to ride before VR screws up the wait time. If you have the Gold Pass, they will let you in 15 min early (entrance on the far right) and I would head straight back to Goliath. I was there a few weeks ago and they let me in at 10:15 and I was on the first Goliath train at 10:20. I got four rides in before 11am, so that's the strategy I would suggest. Raging Bull is tons of fun and one of the better B&M hypers. The day I was there, it was running 3 trains and the crew was hauling on dispatches. It doesn't have seatbelts like Diamondback, so they get the trains out quick. Plus, I hardly felt the trim and we cruised right through the MCBR. This may not be the best place to ask this, but I'm a gold pass holder from SFStL and I'm planning a trip up to great america in August. What is the fingerprint situation there? First, I can't remember even getting my fingerprint taken when we bought the passes last fall. Second, I've never seen SFStl use them. I may have to ask this on their forum...
  20. Planning our trip for this weekend...record level heat....no big deal. I couldn't find an answer to this question on the SDC website...but do you all know if the drink vendors will fill outside containers with water for free? SFSTL does this with any bottle brought in to the park, and we were wondering if anyone has done this. Hitting the stampede, acrobats, and as many tracks as our heat tolerance will allow. Likely skipping white water though. Maybe doing the ducks. Open to suggestions (done titanic, and we aren't country nor religious).
  21. Trip Report Wednesday July 13th. Second of three bring a friend free days in a row in July. Expected larger than normal crowds, and wasn't wrong. However, while the crowd was larger than usual (biggest I have seen this summer after five trips), I still wouldn't call it crowded. Quick rides on JLBFM, Flume, and thunder river. Went to Pandemonium...still testing. Mine Train next...closed. With no boomerang or superman, I started growing concerned about how the day would go. Couple that with the impossibility of getting our bottles filled in the Looney tunes section of the park (all restaurants and drink stands were closed until around noon...pretty frustrating on a hot day)...The frustration was mounting. Spoke to an employee about mine train and he said it would open later, but it's closed due to being understaffed so far. I'm wondering how common this is. I would think they would expect larger crowds due to bring a friend day, but I realize that they don't pay...so...the regional advertisement model worked perfectly. Get captive eyes in the park, experience while in the park be damned. It's viable, and heavily reliant on bean counters, and it is a brilliant way to keep an aging and I increasingly regional/annual pass dependent park going. However, I hope it's not fueling a negative spiral. Ate at JB's Smokehouse. First time since retheme years ago. Will eat here forever now. Traveled to HH around 12:30. Did some stuff, then had all attractions close due to impending weather. Made decision to wait it out in the thought it would pass us by, yet clear out the park. When the apocalypse hit, we were still there. Whoops. The lifeguards and staff did a GREAT job handling the situation and crowd. My daughter and her friend were crying pretty severely, and after I calmed them down, a guard came over and spent some cool time with the girls talking to them and asking them questions. Honestly, it was awesome. If HH could figure out their food issue, it would be the crown jewel of the property.
  22. Sadly, I'm with you on this. We keep season passes and a dining pass (may skip it next year) because we have a 6 year old, and I have my summers off. Therefore I just feel lucky icky to have a local park option. Like you, I'd love to have something truly exciting, but I'm over holding out hope. I do want the existing park to become more efficient, in regards to upkeep, operations, and food. This year we are scratching our bigger thrill itch by hitting SDC, Disneyland, and we just returned from adventuresome in des Moines. Let's talk about that park.... The ride portion of the park is pretty terrible, and kind of hilarious in layout and attempted theming. Insanely cheap. That being said, rode their new coaster...The Monster. Good Lord that is an AWESOME ride. It is worth the trip for marathoning it only. Insanely smooth, fast, and force varied. Truly a special coaster. Their food is reasonable, and efficient (their ride ops are woeful though). Their water park, however is much better than HH IMHO. Spacious, efficient, friendly, varied, and the wave pool cycles through different patterns, putting HH to shame. Next year it's HW and CP for starters. May take a year off from SFSTL. Hoping HITP brings a lot more $ in this year, so they can invest more in the park proper.
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