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  1. We are thinking of visiting Knott's again in Nov; which month(s) of the year are either of the 3 main coasters (X, S, G) or the log ride typically closed for refurbishment?
  2. So, we're considering visiting again soon (after having a great trip), and would love to get some more 'personal' experience on crowds to be able to choose the best week to go during either october or november (during the weekdays). Now, onto some questions... How does Halloween Time really affect crowds? In particular, the 3 hour early arrivals for Mickey's Halloween Party nights, and just how busy is Halloween week itself (including Halloween Day)? As for november, would the second week (with the big marathon event, veterans day, and filming that weekend) or the third week (with the following week being thanksgiving) be better? Thanks in advance for any responses!
  3. Isn't it obvious that, at least some of, the re-profiling was done so it doesn't get bad again, once it ages?
  4. What are some examples of wait times to be expected the second to last week of June, on a weekday?
  5. Thursdays aren't as busy as Sat or Sun, but Fast lane is probably a good idea for summer season. Make sure to check out all the new entertainment shows as well as the rides (which Fast lane will help give you more time for). Thanks for the response! We'll definitely be considering that advice. We're thinking about waiting until that day to see the need to purchase Fast Lane or not (assuming they don't sell out). But my concern is not just wait times but how long they'll feel considering the lines are not very themed in comparison to Disneyland. It's difficult to gauge all this considering it will only be my second time visiting the park and a certain prediction website out there makes it feel borderline worth it. We do hope to ride the coasters more then once and we don't want to feel like the only people using Fast Lane passes. So ya.
  6. What do you think? Is it worth getting Fast Lane passes for our trip to Knott's on June 23rd? And is it likely to sell out at the gates?
  7. How about one of those new RMC single rail coasters? T-Rex, or the Raptor track if cost and/or space is a concern. It would be a new type of coaster for the park to brag about, and unique enough to stand out from the rest of the parks coasters.
  8. Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue looks terrible in comparison to all other Buzz Lightyear rides. It's mostly static 2D cutouts with the same theme, etc. I am not impressed with the rides in Shanghai. I'm really hoping this isn't representative of what is to come in the states.
  9. So... is everyone using smartphones the entire time on dark rides normal these days? I will be visiting Disneyland for the first time in over a decade soon and that would be incredibly annoying! That shouldn't be acceptable just like flash photography is not. I can't understand why people don't just absorb the experience themselves and enjoy the ride instead of worrying about their smartphone captures and uploading it all to social media or whatever. As for Pirates, let's be real, it's far too dependent on projections. It reminds me a lot of CGI vs Practical Effects in movies to be honest and we all know what is best.
  10. Schools are out by then and that's close to 4th of July weekend. I wouldn't risk waiting too long if you have the money now. I'd not considered that. I am probably just going to buy them now instead of taking a chance they do sell out. Thanks for the reply!
  11. Thanks for all the replies to my question! I really appreciate it. But the more I think about it, the more Gold seems NOT to be the way to go. If you can return at any time following the given wait for the reservation. Can't you pretty much accomplish the same thing as my first scenario (with Regular Flash Pass) and ride a different coaster waiting for each new reservation in roughly the same amount of time? I don't know. Maybe I am thinking about this too much and confusing myself. I should just go with Platnium and save myself the headache. As for the person who thought Gold and Platnium times were no different. Crowds (and their accompanying wait times) would make a percentage far more perceivable when you think about it.
  12. Hi everyone! I may visit the park for just 5 hours, during the second to last week in June, to ride all of the coasters at least once; which Flash Pass is really the best and cheapest option for my short visit? I can see multible scenarios: Purchase the Regular Flash Pass: Try to ride a different coaster waiting for each new reservation, repeat. Significant time will be spent waiting the hours for coasters that are excluded without Platnium. Purchase the Gold Flash Pass: Create each new reservation once you pass the Flash Pass entrance, walk to that coaster you just reserved, and hopefully enough time has passed to almost immediately repeat. Significant time will be spent waiting the hours for coasters that are excluded without Platnium. Thanks in advance for any replies! Purchase the Platnium Flash Pass: Create a new reservation, walk to that coaster you just reserved, ride it, and repeat. Significant time will be saved not waiting the hours for coasters that are normally excluded with Gold or Regular.
  13. Hi everyone! Would it be likely for the Front of the Line pass to sell out for the last Sunday of June? It's beneficial for me to wait.
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