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  1. I remember my first Fright Fest... I remember my first (and last) Fright Fest... Great Adventure during Fright Fest is the worst experience I've ever had at an amusement park. I refuse to ever go back during Fright Fest.
  2. Bungee jumping is such a thrill. I did it at Dorney Park's HAUNT occasionally as a Team Leader, and sessions were limited to 20-30 minutes per jumper because of how much energy it required. Totally worth the exhaustion.
  3. In regards to Steel Force, I haven't seen it run 3 trains in probably over 3 years. And the only time I've seen it run 3 is big holiday weekends (like for the Fourth of July). I visit over 10 times a year so Steel Force only running 2 trains is completely normal. Here's how I rank Dorney's past and current coasters: 1. Talon 2. Laser 3. Steel Force 4. Possessed 5. Hydra 6. Thunderhawk (buzz bars) 7. Stinger 8. Thunderhawk (current trains) 9. Hercules 10. Wild Mouse
  4. I absolutely love Possessed and I'm sad to see it go. That said, bravo to the park/ Cedar Fair for coming up with this. Assuming it is a much larger version of a Gravity Group shuttle, I think this is the perfect fit for this park. It's something I would've never thought of for Dorney, but this is something very marketable and should be a great ride.
  5. The holding brake on Possessed is still disabled, and that's the only 2019 in-park update you need to know about.
  6. Even worse, I asked for back row after being assigned row 5, which they had no issue with. But they forced me to ride with the other group in that row even though nobody was behind me. Also, Steel Force is sending trains like crazy. By the time a train approaches the station the other one is halfway up the lift. They're operating as if the park is slammed and I don't understand lol
  7. I just got off Hydra and they're assigning rows...it's a walk-on... This park makes absolutely no sense.
  8. It looks like all the details for Haunt are live. Necropolis is a retheme/replacement for Grave Walkers, Cut Throat Island is no more (thankfully), and it looks like Trick or Treat will have dimmer or no lights this year. Also, Blood Drums returns for another year as the major show, with no more Skeleton Crew. https://www.dorneypark.com/play/haunt/attractions
  9. At the park in line for Twisted Timbers. They're only running one train and it looks to be about a 45 minute wait. Someone with an RMC shirt is walking around the maintenance areas and on the transfer track. There's also 2 sets of brake fins on a workbench next to the transfer track. My guess is they're in the process of installing more agressive brakes.
  10. Yeah, don't want a crate with the GCI logo on it to be visible. They're learning from the mistakes at Carowinds.
  11. Stopped by the park for a few hours today, and here's a few things worth noting. Kaleidoscope definitely wasn't running as intended last year. This year it is noticeably faster and just seems to be operating more normally, for a much better ride (I haven't ridden KD's troika in a while, but from what I remember Kaleidoscope may even be running a bit faster than that now). Also, behind the old Stinger maintenance shed, there are a bunch of trees and other foliage in planters. I'm assuming this is what will be taking over Stinger's grass area (how exciting). I also got my first ride on Thunderhawk this season. The final turnaround is definitely noticeably smoother, but the ride still sucks with the new trains. Edit: Misspelled a word
  12. Nope, just new normal park fencing where the entrance was and all the same old fencing around the rest of where Stinger was. It's a bit odd that the Cedar Creek Flyers weren't relocated to where the Chance Carousel or Snoopy's Bounce House were. Where it's at now, they may as well just close it to save on staffing.
  13. I was at the park on opening day. There's more things gone than there are new. Stinger is gone, dining options on the season pass meal plan are more limited, and Thunderhawk is closed because 6 months wasn't enough time to retrack 150 ft of track. The only things new are the burrito place (which I haven't tried), the Dorney Park sign by Apollo, and more Coca-Cola refresh stations (still no Freestyle stations). They're also teasing Haunt down by the Grave Walkers entrance with new props set up already. The only other things worth mentioning is that the holding break on Possessed still isn't working and I've heard the Troika is running at a normal speed now (last year it didn't seem to operate as fast as every other Troika I've been on, but I haven't personally ridden it this year yet). And that's pretty much it, nothing exciting at all.
  14. Logically, I think the perfect replacement is a Raptor. There's enough room, and it would be a new, exciting ride that isn't found anywhere else in the Northeast, within the budget I'd expect Dorney to get for a new coaster. Also, It'd be the first coaster since 2001 that has any real chance of becoming the new most-loved ride in the park. But Cedar Fair hates Dorney, so we'll see...
  15. Looks like Steel Force's seats....... Yeah, shortly after I posted this I figured that out. Had a brain fart for a minute there.
  16. Does anyone recognize these seats? They kind of look like Apollo's seats but they're not the right color. They're on a Dorney truck.
  17. If the removal of Stinger resulted in nothing being added, I'd be happy if the relief of some of the stress on the power grid made it possible to re-enable Possessed's holding break.
  18. With the closure of Stinger, I think the park needs to move the Cedar Creek Flyers to the little plot of concrete where the Chance Carousel used to be. Remove the pavilions/ Urgent Scare and Dino's Alive and put a GCI down there (also using the Grave Walkers land). Just for fun, I Photoshopped Prowler and Renegade into that area to see how something like this would look. Prowler Renegade
  19. I visit Knoebels at least once a season and I've only ever seen 1 train ops once or twice (one time being last year on Phoenix when they could only run 1 due to the new safety system they were working on). Still super interesting to see how they transfer on Twister. Makes you wonder what the procedure is on Phoenix and if it's similar.
  20. I really like that the styling perfectly matches the games roof design in that area of the park. It'll fit in and make the midway feel complete.
  21. My sources have said the end goal for years has been to remove the existing picnic groves for a coaster and new entrance, which is why they moved the pavilions to a location they'd never be able to build a coaster. At the end of the day, we are talking about Dorney though so whether or not the end goal is reached is another story.
  22. Well when you have Talon 10 minutes from home it's hard to justify waiting in any sort of line for (imo) a less superior invert. Especially when that time in line could be spent in line for Toro.
  23. I was also at the park last night and speaking of Thunderhawk, with the colder temperatures the trims aren't as aggressive and it brought back some of that ejector air on the first 2 turnarounds like the old days. It was great.
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