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  1. From what I've been told, 2 flats will be upgraded to LEDs for 2016 as well.
  2. Really? This shows otherwise. I think it was just overlooked in the rendering. It definitely will have seat dividers.
  3. Thunderhawk will still have seat dividers, according to Mike Fennel. Also, the Thunderhawk maintenance guy told me towards the end of the season that the final turn was going to be retracked.
  4. I knew the buzz bars were no more, and also heard retracking was in the works as well. But I'm really surprised they're painting it its original color and outlining the ride with white lights. I think it's gonna look great! It really was becoming an eyesore. Also, the open air front of the trains looks awesome. If only the buzz bars were kept around.
  5. I can see the removal of Thunder Canyon in 2 or 3 years to make room for a water park expansion.
  6. Long time lurker (and former Dorney employee), first time posting. What does everyone think of this? According to the article, CF plans to add VR to another park in the chain. With the new trains on Thunderhawk and the lack of any 2016 announcement, does anyone else see this as a possibility for Thunderhawk? Ouimet said in the interview they're adding VR to rides that don't run at capacity, so I could see this as a great way (along with the new trains) to increase interest/ridership. If the testing were to happen and went well they'd be able to market the new trains, retracking, and VR additions as a whole new experience, alongside the announcements of the other changes for 2016 that I probably shouldn't talk about.
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