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  1. I have always wanted to go there in the winter but I live 6 hours away. It seems like I always go when it is hot and fairly crowded. I should make a trip just to experience what you described.
  2. Something Batman branded? Maybe a rebrand/refurb of V2? That sounds good to me as does replacing the Go Kart area with another thrill ride.
  3. I went to DK on Monday. It started off with me bringing our 2015 passes instead of the current ones. D'oh! The nice thing is I was able to get my parking refunded and new passes printed out for free. I thought that was great customer service. The lines were fairly short except when The Joker was experiencing technical difficulties as we were in line. I notice that happened multiple times with that ride. We went on Wonder Woman twice which is probably my favorite ride in the park. Superman was interesting as it felt like the ride operators were pressuring people to sit down and buckle up q
  4. According to Inside CGA on Facebook: "After 30 years of thrills Endeavor is being retired and will be removed from Great America before the park opens for the 2018 season." What??? I had no idea this was going to happen. No trip to the park was complete for me without going on this.
  5. We stopped by Magic Mountain on our way home from Disneyland yesterday to go on a few rides before we continued home. First was Full Throttle which had a fairly short line but broke down while we were waiting. It eventually was fixed and we were able to ride it. I love that coaster so I was happy to be able to experience it again. Next, we tried Twisted Colossus but it was not operational. We headed over to Battle for Metropolis but that was not working, either. We saw the Drop of Doom was working, so we got into line for that. That broke down while we were in line as well.
  6. I went on Wonder Woman for the first time on Saturday and really enjoyed it. I actually thought it would spin more but really liked the height. It was a very quick trip into the park for us as we were just getting our seasons passes and going on Wonder Woman. It was Key Club Day there were a lot of very spirited and well behaved teenagers. We got there when the park opened so we basically walked onto Wonder Woman while most other people went to Joker.
  7. That video was awesome ... thanks for sharing! I grew up in the Bay Area so I went to Great America a lot. I used to pay for my season pass back in the 80s with my paper route money. I made my yearly trip to CGA this week and it was a mixed bag for sure. Three of the first four rides we wanted to go on were closed (Gold Striker, Tiki Twirl and Drop Tower). We went on Patriot first and it was OK. I had forgotten how relatively short the track was. We did not wait in line much, which was great. We walked on to the front row of Flight Deck and it was incredible. I had never been in the
  8. I went on Saturday and it was probably the best experience I have had there. It was raining when the park opened at Noon and the weather really kept the crowds away. We walked on just about everything. Joker was first and after waiting 45 minutes in the heat several months ago to ride it, walking on when it was overcast and 60 degrees was awesome. Superman was next and we even got to stay on for a second ride. I went on V2 several times ... one time I was the only one on it! That was amazing. The ride operator said "Good afternoon, Sir!" We also walked on to Sky Screamer and Me
  9. I got an e-mail saying a new ride announcement would happen on 9/1 ... any ideas?
  10. I am thinking of going on Wednesday and was wondering how busy it would be. Thoughts? I am driving 350 miles each way, so I want to make sure it is worth it.
  11. It's usually Lex Luthor, Green Lantern, Riddler, Viper, and Revolution (without VR). Viper and Riddler rarely garner much of a line to begin with, though. I had heard that sometimes Twisted Colossus is as well. Is that true?
  12. I am thinking of making a solo trip and was curious as to which rides are currently offering single rider lines. Thanks!
  13. I went the same day on our way home from Disneyland. The point was to try TC and get back on the road since we had another 370 miles to go. We really liked TC! It was our first time on it and we were at the front, which made it even better for us. I can't believe how much airtime you get! It was outstanding. We went straight to TC after the park opened. My guess is it would have been a 30 minute line but the ride experienced some technical difficulties, so that added 10-15 minutes. After that, we went on Superman and were going to go on FT, but the line was past the one hour mar
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