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  1. Definitely: Six Flags Magic Mountain Universal Studios Hollywood Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Possibly: CA Great America Knotts Berry Farm
  2. I went to SFDK this past Saturday with family and my first time to Fright Fest. Overall, really enjoyed it! We got to the park at around 1pm and got on Medusa, Sky Screamer, Cobra, and Dare Devil Chaos. I've been on Medusa more than any ride in my life and it's still one of the more fun roller coasters for me. I wasn't super excited about Dare Devil even though it was going to be my first time on it, but it was surprisingly fun! After some small rides and shows we headed to Superman. There was about a 25 minute wait which didn't seem too bad. Then all of sudden after eating, it was 7pm and we went and got our wristbands. We went in the Boathouse at Blood Lake first which had about a 10-15 min wait. They were sending small groups of 7-10. It had some good scares and then I was really exicted to see the rest of the frights. The Scrapeyard of the Dead was next for us and it didn't have any wait. It wasn't the best fright since it was in the open and wasn't super dark at the time but still enjoyable. After that we stood in the line of the Slaughter house for about 20 min. I had heard this was one of the better frights so I was pretty excited for this. I thought the layout was great but wasn't really scary. I think it was probably just bad timing for us. Then we went to Carnevil and it had a decent line -but not too long. Except the line moved so slowly. It also didn't help that there were about 10 people that cut in front of everyone. It was 9pm at the time so we figured this might be the last fright for us. Finally, it was our time and we were in a group of 7. I was in front so I definitely got the full experience. The maze with the curtains seemed never ending but I jumped a few times when the actors popped in front of me lol. The Shipwreck fright was close by so we thought we would squeeze that in. It was around 9:30 and the wait was about 10 min. Overall, I thought this was pretty fun but maybe not the scariest. It was fun seeing the aquarium as well. Once we got out, we walked towards Nightmare Manor thinking maybe we'll get to see this. The line was really long but it started moving fast when they were sending big groups at a time. After going through this (even in a big group), I would say it was my favorite haunted house. We wanted to get some more roller coasters in at night but it was already close to 10pm and we left. Overall, this was a fun trip. Even though I don't have anything to compare this to, I would still say it was a really good fright fest.
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