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  1. If Ripcord goes down, Flying Eagles and now North Star also go down because their wind requirements are all quite similar, and its easier to make the call all at once. It's also once gusts hit the marker, not the average.
  2. I took two things from this: 1: Move Ferris Wheel. 2: Remove The Wave. Neither of those are going to happen. The amount of concrete sitting in The Wave alone is extremely inconvenient to removal and refill. Also, it's a popular attraction particularly on hot days, easily surpassing 600 riders/hour (I've personally been there for 800+). I agree with Looping Starship because it is prime real estate for the water park. But why on earth would the park remove its most popular water attraction outside the water park and move an established part of the skyline? Personally, I'd like to see Looping up in the front, either in the Wild Thing turnaround or as part of what will be old Dinos land, and for Enterprise to return in Tilter's graveyard.
  3. If we are lucky they will change it back. The last two years they had pop music for Renegade the first few weeks and then switched to country. Maybe consider dropping by Guest Services and leaving a comment on it. If someone calls it out they generally pay attention to it. Also going to throw in that just like at CP you can leave compliments for associates Everyone forgets you can, but being able to let an associate know they did an outstanding job that a guest took the time to write a message was one of my favorite things. I'm not around this summer so give the park some love for me everyone.
  4. For what it's worth, I'm not excusing the park. A park as big as CP SHOULD be on top of training and such. I'm also just saying that if it's a known issue then consider going a different weekend.
  5. That's why millennium wasn't open on pass holder preview night in 2015. My guess would be because of the water park construction? Couldn't test the ride until a certain part of construction was finished This stuff happens every year. That's why I stopped going to opening weekend. If they can't bother to get the park operating the way it should be, I can't bother to spend money with them. Not trying to pick a fight, but it's usually a lot more complicated than it seems to get rides commissioned and ready for the season. I'm not sure what the minimum cycles if for CP, but I'm guessing in the range of 50-100 for each unit/ride. Combine that with staffing levels still not where they should be as people finish school, training, etc and it takes time. Not blaming you for skipping opening weekend, though.
  6. The last time Ops tried to do "live" wait times, it fell apart in a week. We would call in every hour consistently but dispatch treated us like sh*t and was generally rude about it after the first few days. So everyone just stopped If they can solve that whole issue--because I can see it happening again--then "live" wait times would be awesome.
  7. I believe each train has to make 100 test runs before anyone can ride it. When I worked WT last year, we never ran three trains but was told that attendance needs to be at a certain level and there must be six operators checking restraints on the platform. I don't think we ever reached the necessary attendance during the summer season. We had a busy night during Haunt where we probably could've used the third train, but the park is usually understaffed that time of year and those operators would be needed elsewhere. 100 runs on each train is correct (at least from what I've been told). If I remember correctly three trains on WT requires you to clear the next train by the time the first train clears the lift. It's insanely hard to do with current SOP.
  8. Depends on what you define "testing". There's two stages, one done by maintenance and the other conducted by the operators pre-season. Before any ride can be ridden by anyone, it has to be cycled anywhere from 50-100 times. That goes for each train and car. I know last year some rides weren't done by Preview Day, but they weren't available so it wasn't an issue.
  9. Your first year/time it's always luck of the draw, and where staffing is needed. After that there's a number of factors. I am 90% sure I won't be back at least this year. But if I could I'd love to be back in Rides.
  10. Worked at VF for 3 seasons. I learned so many rides this past season alone. The most fun I've had at a ride was way back at Excalibur. There's no music in the station and as there's only one train on the tracks you have a lot of empty air to fill. Cue Corn Feast, and we had a packed station (which is rare in and of itself). It's like an open invitation to have fun on the mic. I got the whole station to sing happy birthday to my exit loader (he was thrilled /s) even though it wasn't his birthday, at one point. Never got the chance to work the ride again, lol. Power Tower (S&S Drop Towers) is quite fun to work at too. Spieling from a loading position used to be my favorite part (especially my ride night version) but controls was always relaxed. It's got AC, all three controls spots are seated with nice chairs (they've got backs so you can recline between cycles) and you basically always had someone to chat with. Also a pretty great place to chill as a Supervisor and still get stuff done. I loved operating all three rides from my original grouping: the 1925 PTC Carousel, The Wave (blanking on the manuf. name) and the Huss Enterprise (RIP in pieces). Carousel was shaded and it was easy to zone out to a degree while still keeping an eye on everyone. The Wave was best after 8pm because only crazy people ride it at that time of night, and after a 14+ hour shift you're going crazy yourself. The combination made for some great guest interaction. Enterprise is/was quite a physical ride to load because of the latches and how much you walk around repeatedly, but time went by pretty quickly. I quite enjoyed working it during the first rotation of the morning because it wouldn't be too hot out yet, lines were short and at least during my first season it meant you got first break. Controls was also great after getting a bit of experience watching for phones; by the end of this season I caught a phone a full rotation before the person who was actually in controls saw it. Worst ride: Looping Starship. So much walking back and forth on steeply sloped platforms. I pulled both my hamstrings working it; not multiple parts in one leg, no I mean both my legs had pulled hamstrings. Made me walk like I had a stick up my a** for two days until I caved and got it looked at a doctor who was mildly impressed. Still not sure quite how it happened in relation to the cycle but it's a funny story in hindsight.
  11. They should take off the nose cones Not that IOE has any relation to that.
  12. This is the only name I will accept at either park (or a variant if they went the boring route and renamed a non-coaster, but that would be such a cop out).
  13. It's the 21st. The ride crew knows next to nothing about what's taking it's place and what the whole "ceremonial retirement" is going to be.
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