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  1. Happy to hear you enjoyed the park! I very much so just lurk these forums but its always great to see people love the park as much as I do . That being said question for y'all: I bought a good any day ticket through a 3rd party way earlier in the summer and unfortunately haven't been able to use it yet. I notice it says nothing about haunt exclusion, so do you think I could use the ticket for haunt? If I go earlier in the day do they kick everyone out before haunt opens or can I just hang around inside the park? Thanks everyone
  2. Any words as to the state of the lines come last week of August during the week? If I want to do every ride in the park would I need FL+ or is it one of those "see how the lines are when you get there" sort of deals.
  3. Currently at the park. Everything is running well, SV appears to be 2/3h (2h on sign when I entered) FL+ says 45 minutes but as I'm standing looking at about 1h 15-30min. Question: where would I find the best fries in the park?
  4. Looks like I picked one hell of a good day to go like 5 months ago. I'm over the moon, can't wait for tomorrow!!
  5. Hooray for two trains! Any word on the state of FL+ with SV?
  6. are you just going for 1 day? I know you are aware, but several of the coasters at CP are . . . temperamental. and they have 17 (I'm counting both sides of Gemini, but won't count the really kiddie coaster, or Pipe Scream (which the park counts as a coaster) I was able to do every coaster on my one prior visit, but it was over 2 1/2 days in the park. (in particular Maverik, TTD, and Wicked Twister go down a LOT. . . if I didn't have multiple days, likely would not have been able to ride everything). just my 2cents. . if you can do more than 1 day, then only buy FP on one day, and try to ride as much as you can without it on the other day. Good to know! I know Werner Impulses go down a ton, sadly I can only do the one day. Hopefully TTD & Maverick stay up though
  7. Hey guys not SV related buuut... Planning on coming to CP for the first time this summer, early June. Just wondering if there are deals on daily tickets on opening weekend or if I should just buy now. Also in case you guys know. my friend and I are trying to see if we can get on every coaster 2-3 times in a day and are looking at fast lane plus. Would they ever sell out? I don't wanna get there and realize I blew $110 on an empty weekend. We're currently looking at June 2nd (day after coastermania ) Thanks all!
  8. Hey all, Coming down to CP from Toronto some Saturday early June. Only coming for one day, but want to ride probably every coaster twice, potentially a few of our favourites a few more times (probably SV, love RMC). Anyways, would it be worthwhile to go platinum pass? How much time will it honestly cut at that time of the year? Oh and if y'all know approximate price that would be awesome too.
  9. Pictures of the track show that it appears to be massive (potentially larger than that of a dive coaster) and the spine is almost triangular. Could this be a new type of coaster out of B&M? Or less material in a way to cut cost?
  10. Hey all Super excited to be making it to SFGAm on Sunday, currently was planning on buying Flash Pass, however I'm contemplating Flash Pass Gold. Do I need to pay up? Or will the whole day be enough to hit the majority of the rides? That being said I am planning on making it to the water park sometime during the day. Also can anyone give me a solid route through the park? I know to sprint for Goliath, but after that I'm blind. Thanks!
  11. Please don't kill me for this comment, but what if they're removing Shockwave, relocating it to Carowinds, and putting this in its place? I doubt it, they would've announced it's departure by now if it was leaving. Think about when they announced Skyrider's closure.
  12. I feel like I'm going to get some backlash on this, but I'm not that excited for Soaring Timbers. It seems like it will ride strikingly similar to Shockwave. A taller, better capacity Shockwave. I know beggers cant be choosey, and I certainly was only expecting a water park expansion so this IS better than nothing, I just feel it wont add that much to the park based on what we already have. If anyone thinks otherwise please explain why, I want to be hyped for this thing!
  13. I mean its kinda grasping at straws, but maybe, juuuust maybe, construction on anything new in the land clearing around behemoth and Skyrider's grave hasn't begun due to the close proximity of the water park. Any trucks would kick up lots of dust posing a possible heath risk to the very packed Splash Works. I agree that this theory doesn't explain the lack of teasing for 2017, but you never know. Thoughts?
  14. I agree with the line jumping. CW is my local park so I'm there often, and so far every time I've been this season I've had to call out at least one jumper. Last time I got called a Narc by some dude in sunglasses after I told him to get out, I guess he just wanted to dig into me with those 90s insults
  15. Not sure if this is very old news, however it was a first for me. I was at the park last week, and have now noticed that Thunder Run VR is free for those with a season's pass, it appears that if you don't have a season's pass you are S.O.L. as there are no prices visible. I assume this is an attempt to sell more Season's passes, and I for one love it, as now I have don't have to pay
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