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  1. Since a majority of the coasters KK has are full of airtime, I'd love to see a B&M floorless to fill the Chang void. The park skyline just isn't the same without a massive looping coaster looming over about everything else.
  2. It really bummed me out having MS closed so early because I wasn't able to make it out to the park (for my first time ever) until after they had closed the ride. Although it was apparently boring and rough, I still would have loved to ride the original. Shame it closed before the rest of the park. I'm obviously excited for the new MS though
  3. Given the length of MS & the fact that the only construction done thus far is track removal, lift hill height addition, and track from the station to the bottom of the lift, this is hands down a 2018 conversion. And I even was pulling for 2017 at one point
  4. I don't understand how Banshee is butter smooth in the front, but the back end seats feel like it's just exploding
  5. Banshee's drop in the back seat provides a real nice whip too
  6. Do the larger models have a little more room on the trains?? I rode one of the smaller models at a fair this year and felt more cramped than I do on an arrow corkscrew.
  7. Exactly, or even like I said above, the ground can be altered to make things work. Kirnu in Finland's station is also underground, and it's actually a zacspin
  8. Green Lantern at SFMM is 107' though, so I wouldn't imagine the new models would be much higher. Likely this won't happen though
  9. If I recall correctly, there was speculation of an S&S free spin coaster going on the old dragster strip... new Zacspin instead?
  10. Not sure I'd be happy to see one myself, however it wouldn't surprise me to see one built at KK since it'd be the first of its kind. I'd much rather see one of the new mack spinning launch coasters.
  11. Quick question, does anyone know the angle of Banshee's first drop? I've been trying to find the answer with no luck
  12. I did love CP, don't get me wrong, but I was a bit underwhelmed. Even with FL+, my wait for Millennium force was about an hour, and the ride ops seemed uninterested for the most part. This was also totally out of the park's control, but even with FL+ the lines took about an hour or longer & the paths were so crowded it was hard to breathe. Definitely not something I'm used to. Maybe my visit was like this since it was so close to the end of the season, but I'll figure that out when I go back next year.
  13. Totally off topic, but I thought I'd throw it out there. After my first time at Cedar PointI truly believe Kings Island is better than Cedar Point. Let me explain. First off, the employees. For example, the Gatekeeper line was taking a very long time, even with Fast Lane Plus. I got up to the station and saw the trains were stacking and the ops didn't seem to really care how quickly the trains were being dispatched. At Kings Island, I don't remember the last time I didn't see ride ops walking quickly or even running. This was also a problem on Dragster, Maverick, Raptor, and, well, basically half the roller coasters. Another thing that really bothered me was how many people walk around the park smoking outside of the designated smoking areas. I have asthma & even secondhand smoke can send me into an asthma attack. Lastly, the atmosphere. When I walk into KI, I lovd looking straight ahead and seeing all kinds of shops, the fountains and the eiffel tower surrounded by rides and plenty of wooded area. It's kind of welcoming. At CP, however, since it's all mostly coasters, rides, and buildings, which to me made it feel a little less, welcoming I guess. I felt more out of place at CP. KI, to me, feels a bit more homey I believe the park was great but has so much more potential. The park has a fantastic lineup, but the operations and atmosphere honestly led me to believe that KI is actually the better park. I'm sorry if I sounded like a whiny little b***h, I just really wanted to throw that out there.
  14. Quick question, is the entire park closed for halloweekends once the haints open, or do they have rides open as well? I tried looking on the website like I did for KI, but didn't see whether or not any rides were open.
  15. i rode it the day it opened. it was a disappointment from day one. the video of Mike Myers telling you how the coaster restraints work was probably the best part, and that is really saying something. the layout is boring and not fun. and Paramount didn't take care of it, which only made things worse. part of the reason the layout is so weird is because originally they were going to have rock bands play concerts on a stage in the wide open area between the lift hill and the back turnaround. obviously that never came to pass, but the coaster's dumb layout was designed to accommodate that idea. You do realize the Hurler clones are mirrored images of Thunder Run at Kentucky Kingdom, right? The coaster wasn't designed to have a stage in the middle of the big turnaround, that's how the original clone was.
  16. In all honesty, I couldn't see Hurler being RMC'd simply because the layout just wouldn't provide enough for them to work with. My home park is Kentucky Kingdom and the Thunder Run woodie is literally identical to Hurler, yet after riding it about 10 times in one day I don't really know what RMC could do with Hurler. Now, RMC did come in and retrack Thunder Run before it reopened in 2014, so maybe RMC may be coming in and retracking it, but I don't see how they could do a full on Topper Track/I-Box treatment to the coaster. There's really just not enough on the layout for them to make something out of it.
  17. Vortex at KI also has these stones right as you go down into the station
  18. Guys... GUYS... What if KI does get a roller coaster, but they also announce plans to finally do something with the old Crypt building? I'm sure enthusiasts can't be the only ones to want to see something other than a haunt in the building. I know the chances of that happening are slim to none, but one can dream.
  19. I'm not sold on a B&M as much as I would want it to be seeing as KI's last two coasters were manufactured by B&M. I'm convinced if it is a coaster, it'll be either a GCI, RMC, or a family coaster
  20. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be an RMC. CF has stated they are interested in testing the waters with RMC and GCI (pretty sure I saw that on here) so I could definitely see them building an RMC if this turns out not to be a giga. Personally, I would like to see an RMC at KI; Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom is rather small but packs a punch, and SFGA has Goliath, one of the most successful RMCs.
  21. I'm taking a day trip up to Cedar Point on the 23rd (it's on a Monday) and I've never been, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me things to expect while at the park; what rides to hit first, will FL/FL+ be necessary, etc
  22. What exactly are those "school days"? Are they open to specific groups of people only?
  23. I drove by Storm Chaser this morning to see how things were going in person, and got really happy when I saw that the coaster had one or two pieces of track left if it weren't already done. I didn't want to take too long taking these pictures since I was driving my roommate's car, but here's what I've got. Hopefully testing will start soon!
  24. This is sort of random, but does anyone know why the timerliners were never used on The Voyage?
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