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  1. The Beast is going up the lift agonizingly slow today, but hanging off the lift in the front seat was an unreal experience. If only that was at night...
  2. Ed said this? It sucks if it's true because I have yet to ride enterprise and I was looking forward to it next season. It seems odd that they'd remove it, as it seems like one of their most popular flats. As for 2019, I'm hoping for a coaster that tall. If not a coaster, a tall drop tower would be nice although they already have Fear Fall so it wouldn't make much sense. Grona Lund has an Intamin Skyjump, Intamin 2nd gen drop tower and an S&S Tower. A second drop tower doesn’t sounds too impossible but in all seriousness I could see KK getting a Zamperla Endeavor to provide a new take on a classic ride. As far as the 220 ft attraction, did Ed say this himself? Definitely didn’t see a hyper coaster coming but that’d definitely draw in crowds.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know by the time SOB was torn down, the coaster's wood was already rotting in some places. I believe RCCA used a subpar quality wood, ontop of Paramount dropping RCCA and finishing the coaster themselves. Nobody would have wanted anything to do with the ride by the second time it closed.
  4. You should have no problem with lines if you have FL+. Even if the park is super busy I've noticed not many people buy FL/FL+
  5. Honestly despite having a better ride lineup than KI, I prefer KI over CP. KI to me has a much better atmosphere around the entire park, wheras CP felt a bit more cluttered/cramped. I guess that's a sacrifice you've gotta make if you're striving to have the most coasters at one park though Both are fantastic parks nonetheless.
  6. I've heard that KK/the fair board owns the land/parking lot area behind Deep Water Dive, but I'm not sure how accurate that is. If they were to remove the amphitheater from behind T3 that would free up a bit more space, but I'm not gonna count on them removing it.
  7. I noticed the same day of the Koaster Kids event at the park, the Greezed Lightnin' trains were being hauled away. Any idea what's happening to them? Scrapyard or refurbishment for another schwarzkopf coaster somewhere?
  8. The last time I rode the hang 'n bang boomerang, my restraint opened up a notch going into the cobra roll and I about had a heart attack. Don't plan on riding again anytime soon.
  9. It's terrible really wherever you sit. I have to agree the back is the best seat, although still terrible.
  10. Just left the park and I have to say, The Bat was running absolutely mental today. Got the two most intense rides I've ever had on the ride today.
  11. That's exactly why I'm not counting on a B&M hyper for the park. The height restrictions through the park fluctuate, not to mention LR gives better air than any B&M hyper I've ridden...
  12. Hey guys, I'm planning a trip to Carowinds or Kings Dominion for Friday, June 2, but am in a bit of a situation. Both parks have been on my bucket list for a while but I'm torn. My boyfriend and I only haveenough time to make it out to one of the parks and we don't know which to go to. My question is which park would be the best for us to go to? We plan on getting FL+, but other than that both parks equally draw us in which doesn't make this decision any easier. Any suggestions for which park to choose would be greatly appreciated
  13. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet either, but I'm really curious as to what's planned for the land clearing behind Banshee. Supposedly people were spotted surveying the old SOB station recently.
  14. There's a very good chance that this is true. In the conference call they specifically said that one of the coaster types would be brand new and a chicken and biscuit coaster would definitely fit the bill. It's great to see Cedar Fair on the cutting edge of innovation. I'm also happy they seem to partnering with Bojangles'. While it's certainty not my favorite southern chicken restaurant, this partnership would allow the coaster to be open on Sundays and that's a major win in my book. Would the MCBR include a drive-thru window where you can buy chicken? If so, I'm sold. I'd be all for this if the food lines weren't already atrocious
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