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  1. Griffon is one of the most beautiful coasters at BGW in my opinion, but I never saw the France section before it was built. The first thing that took me by surprise when I visited BGW was seeing Griffon from Scotland and how much it dominates it’s plot of land.


    InvadR is the only coaster that I think needs more trees. I was underwhelmed by how few trees BGW put back and I’ve never been fan of how much of it you can see from Alpengeist’s bridge.


    Count me as one who’s not crazy about a 355 ft anything at BGW ... the idea of it feels out of place.

  2. 1. Steel Vengeance - honestly, pound for pound, Storm Chaser is BETTER. I give this one the one-up though for its sheer scale and the fact that something this insane was actually built.

    2. Storm Chaser - If we are talking element to element, this is the best RMC I've ridden. It has a different, more intense feel than all the others; the airtime is more akin to Intamin with truely sustained ejector vs. quick pops.

    3. NTaG

    4. Outlaw Run - honestly, I've ridden this multiple times over two separate visits, and it just doesn't do much for me. It's too short. I've also found that this is a "back seat only" ride and is not as diverse as the other RMC (wherein the front and middle are equally good for other reasons), and to add to this, the back seat nowadays is a little rough.

    5. Goliath - still an awesome ride despite it's length.

  3. I swear, they never fail to make these announcement videos more corny every year. I love it. That ending was out of ****ing nowhere (see what I did there?)


    This is definitely all-around one of the best years for the chain. Each park seems to be getting something unique or well deserved (like VIpere for La Ronde ).


    Two of my dreams came true too - SFOG's Axis Arena and SFA's Dare Devil Dive are both getting axed. I have long thought that their removal would significantly improve the Gotham sections of each park, and what better fit than a Giant Discovery for the Dare Devil Dive plot? I'll be damned, SFA might be one of the worst parks in the chain, but it's the only one I can think of that doesn't have it's DC-themed rides inappropriately spread out all over the park.


    Really, the only bad thing that happened this year is that the awful CraZanity name got another lease on life.

  4. YESSS!!! Air Races coming to the Six Flags chain! I had a sneaking suspicion 2020 could finally be the year (with all the Zamperla additions, you had to think this was only a matter of time).


    As a person who’s home park gets flats every year, this is exciting news! Hopefully one will now come our way in the next few years.


    This looks like a really solid, well-themed addition.

  5. A water coaster is an awesome addition to any park, honestly something I personally would appreciate as much as a coaster.

    I really like how’s there’s been a “resurgence” of these in the United States.


    Also, get off the high horse: you guys already have an RMC, American Eagle isn’t getting the treatment. Meanwhile, other parks have NOTHING. Goliath might be the weakest RMC but it’s still one of the best coasters in the entire chain.

  6. The go-carts will indeed be leaving for the new ride, but I’m also told the new ride will use a very minimal portion of the land cleared. Word is that the park is wanting to expand the area into a new DC section.


    I’ve also heard that the park would like to move the Moon Cars back there but I don’t put much stock in that ever actually happening, unless I’m wrong and they refurb the go-carts track into the new Moon Car track.

  7. I don’t think it’s showing “hate” to point out that this is a downgrade in every way from the other older B&M Gigas. Fury showed that they can do massive steeper drops and the ride doesn’t have to end 100’ up with a mile long brake run.

    What do you mean? Can you seriously not see that Fury 325's brake run is even longer than this? It also comes in with less speed. They probably could've crammed in another hill on Fury 325 and kept the same brake run design by ridding the flat transfer section immediately after the incline, but I don't see any space on Orion where they could've done the same. It's incline then immediately turn into station here.


    The brake runs are high like this because they are very efficient, which is a huge factor for the park. In fact, I wouldn't at all be surprised if they're the ones who asked for this design again. Starting the brake run high means you'll have less kinetic energy entering the brakes, and having a flat section first means the brakes won't be working against gravity to slow the train initially. And then of course, the inclined transfer section eliminates the need for drive wheels which are a considerable running cost.


    Fury 325's brake run is lower but it also has an extra 1300 feet of track to dissipate speed. This thing would come blazing into the brake run if it wasn't elevated.


    When you are going to be operating hundreds of cycles every day, using gravity (which is free, btw) instead of extreme braking force and electricity is extremely attractive to a park.


    Less cost to run also means higher ROI, just the same as how someone possibly did the market research and saw that Fury 325 was too intense and wanted to increase the appeal of this ride by turning down the intensity. It's all about money.


    Good lord, I'm glad this thing actually has a 300ft drop so we don't have to have THAT discussion.

  8. Only negative/critique I could come up with is to the theme/backstory being tied to the cave as I guess I was a bit let down as I had originally envisioned with the cave teasers that this was gonna be a mountain type structure with the slide element dropping into the mouth of a fabricated cave (see the entrance to the real Marvel Cave to understand my thoughts here) for an extensive indoor segment similar to how the last 25% of Lost River's course was. But I guess with the areas combined investment being more than Time Traveler, that kind of design would probably be too cost prohibitive. One can dream, right? lol Don't take this the wrong way or that I am implying that this seems underwhelming, I still think this will be incredibly beautiful to see in person and a very fun and thrilling ride once it is all said and done next.

    I’m glad I didn’t have to be the first to say this. These were my EXACT thoughts today. I envisioned more of a “cave exploration/adventure theme like the original vs. a cave mining company. There is only one enclosed section and it’s very small. I am incredibly excited for the ride, do not get me wrong! I just find the thematic choice odd.


    Also, while the lake is smaller, this time you’ll be right in the middle of it and so it’ll feel more immersive - at least that’s how I felt after standing where the station will be today. You’re going to really feel surrounded by water this time.

  9. Wicked Twister is one of my all time favorite rides. It’s miles better than the other Intamin impulses just for the double twisted spike. I’ve been waiting for years now to see it relocated to WoF seeing as Dorney and Valleyfair, the next two closest-sized parks in the chain, got Impulse coasters years ago and it would fill the launch coaster void at the park. If it goes to WoF, I’d be ecstatic.


    However, it’s probably more likely to end up at CGA, especially since the 20 year plan highlights an impulse coming.


    It’s a really under-appreciated ride that feels odd at Cedar Point, but at a regional park it’d be fantastic.

  10. As for the plans somewhere above that we’re suspected to replace the pilgrims plunge area... I still have a gut feeling those are real plans.... just not for this year. HW knows at least a couple years before hand what is coming next and they CERTAINLY plan out way in advanced for that. Those plans just fit that area WAY too perfectly to not be real.

    That coaster wouldn't fit with Cheetah Chase there, at least not the helix around Kima Bay. I'm guessing those blueprints were an old ride proposal leaked for fun, or just an enthusiast with too much time on their hands trying to stir up some rumors. I'm still very confused as to why Pilgrim Plunge's spot is still sitting there being an eyesore, but I'm sure HW has plans for it at some point.

    I’m guessing those were Intamin’s actual proposal for this same RFP asking for a “launched water coaster”, but Proslide got the bid and so they leaked those plans just for fun. I don’t imagine they’ll be built - after this, I think we will be waiting a little while for the next major addition anyway. Pilgrim’s Plunge spot will have it’s time someday.


    I couldn’t love this new addition more. It looks awesome flying over the path and fits perfectly into that empty corner. Excited to try it out. Three water coasters in one park is ridiculous, but I love them so I’m not complaining!

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