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  1. I know it's not the same park it was when it opened up but, I think what USO has become is more of an atrocity than IoA. We've lost Lost Continent and DD, and added metal detectors, but we've also have gotten some pretty awesome additions over the years too - Forbidden Journey, new Hulk, and this kickass Intamin you can see being built below in this video from a local news chopper:




    IoA flyover starts around 4 and lasts till around 11


    The Jurassic Park area is about to get a lot better than it ever has been (so long as they leave JPRA alone)!

  2. I know for a fact that something has been in the works but it wasn't a Raptor last I heard; however, it's plausible. I'd rather have a Raptor than RMC Boss though so if this is our RMC I'd be pretty happy.


    Don't get me wrong about Iron Boss; I just think that with the budget SFStl has we would get a more substantial coaster. I'd like to be wrong but I could easily see Iron Boss being very short.

  3. I can see both sides of the coin but I tend to think that releasing a POV would remind people why they would want to visit in 2020 or get them more excited. After all, pass holders are already being reminded by the constant email updates, and releasing a POV might remind people why'd they want to hang onto that pass instead of ending it right there.


    There's also the crowd of non-passholders they can still market to and build up hype so that the ride's debut doesn't fall flat. Now especially more than ever, they are going to want to keep the energy up as attendance this year will most likely be down in the amusement industry and people will need that extra push or reminder to come.

  4. Did Kings Island really not get any footage during the initial test runs? I find it astounding that they have not made a huge event out of releasing the POV. Every single local news channel followed the construction, rumors leading up to the announcement, and this whole local area has such an affinity for KI they're really making a mistake here.


    I guess they're waiting for when they know when the park will open for sure. Or they don't want to remind people that they have already paid for a season pass and can't use it right now

    Wouldn’t releasing a POV actually help season pass retention though?

  5. This looks like the best Raptor concept yet and I have to agree with the video that if it's DC it'll really tie in the area well. It's placement is a lot better than SFGAdv for sure. A Joker theme would definitely make a lot of sense, and if it's something like purple track/green supports I don't think it will clash much with Riddler.


    However, I'm sure it will get built eventually, but I could really care less if it gets delayed. If there's talk of Magic Mountain getting their new addition postponed, then there's no way in hell my home park is getting a new coaster in 2021 ... it's not going to hurt Magic Mountain to wait another few years for a new coaster after just getting WCR in 2019 2020.


    Meanwhile, I was told (if all went well) our long wait would be over soon. Of course, that hasn't been the case, so we will have to find out this summer.

  6. ^ Oh wow that is so cool! Just another reason to love Cedar Fair!

    Fixed that for you. It seems this policy has been mostly chain-wide.


    I know Six Flags is doing some sort of stuff for their passholders but nothing close to this level, especially when you consider how much a Platinum Pass costs. I could personally give two cares less about some extra discounts and benefits in the park when I don't like spending money in the park anyway, but I absolutely would love a free 2021 pass.

  7. I thought 2019 was a record year for me and the number of parks I visited, but 2020 is about to blow that out of the water threefold.



    Knott's Berry Farm (next week)

    Manhattan Express (I'm going to ride this turd because it's the last Togo in NA and honestly I regret not riding it last year.)

    Adventure Dome


    King's Island


    King's Dominion (will become my new home park for the summer)

    Six Flags Great Adventure

    American Dream

    Hershey Park


    Worlds of Fun




    Six Flags Magic Mountain (closer to a long shot just because it's so far from where I'll be staying)

    Stratosphere (if I don't go to Adventure Dome)

    Holiday World

    Kentucky Kingdom

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    Dorney Park (out of the way, but Demon drop tho <3)

    Busch Gardens Tampa

    Six Flags America (will be pretty close to me, but I'm not sure if I even want to waste my time revisiting this crap hole)



    Darien Lake

    Canada's Wonderland


    BGW might be simply too expensive after all these other parks, which is a shame since both Invadr and Pantheon (which is looking more OMFG every day, btw) will be new for me and that it's one of my favorite parks, ever. If I have the chance to go back to BGW, I'd also like to revisit Splash Country USA, but that means more $$$. And despite being close to KD (which will be a day trip), I will NOT be close to BGW, and it will necessitate a whole weekend just to go.


    Desperado is being elusive again, as always. Last year I passed by it twice just weeks before it reopened, and this year I will be passing by it twice again - except that it's only open on weekends - and I will be passing it both times during the week! I really want to get on this thing while it's still around. I want to ride all the remaining Arrow hypers while I can, and I fear Desperado's days are numbered.

  8. I have a question regarding Platinum Passes: is your home park (where you get benefits like BAFF) considered the park where you purchased your pass online or the park where you process it? I will be purchasing a PP from WoF's website since it is my home park and where I'd like to receive benefits, but will be visiting Knott's in the next couple weeks and processing my pass there (this has to be done as such since WoF is already closed). Will this change my home park to Knott's?

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