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  1. Keep an eye on the coaster at OOB, seems they are replacing it after this year. Parking attendant told us the new coaster will extend out onto beach. Guess we will see. My wife loved the area and the food!
  2. Got to say....love the signage for both rides. The shiny gold really stands out on Falcon's Flight with Mustang Runner having that vacuum formed (?) sculpted horse looks awesome. Yes, the vibe is cool!
  3. Everyone has a right to their opinion even all of you. This forum is for POLITE and MATURE discussion. No one has to agree with me nor do I them but when SOME of you act like ASSES it just shows how INTOLERANT you are if it doesn't line up within your realm of what is right. Yes, I am enthusiastic as can be considering the corporate control but am POLITE enough to AGREEABLY DISAGREE without putting someone down. And to those of you who were KIND and THOUGHTFULLY had some input THANK YOU for the way your point was delivered. Nicely done.
  4. Just did a conversion for the heck of it. RCDB (https://rcdb.com/12409.htm) stated Pulsar cost 8.5 Euro Million which converts to $9,045,000.00 US Dollars. This does not count for valuation of when built (2016) but todays dollars. So two used flats re-furbished and front entrance and Winterfest maybe $5 million total I'm guessing give or take. 1 each for the flats, 1.5 for entrance and pavilion areas, 0.5 for Winterfest and the rest for incidentals (landscaping, earth moving, unexpected expenses, etc.) to finish up is my guess. Any guess if the amount is the same or equal what kind of coaster that would purchase? In my mind it would be family one slotted between Spinning Dragons and Prowler. But what?!
  5. Your right maybe that was reaching. Just trying to figure out what would be a good fit since the Premier clone announced for San Diego was announced. It was one of the four being built is US next year with the rest in other parts of the world. I believe this was on a Company Ad that Screamscape had posted. I also believe that the park is getting ready for a large investment. IMHO it will be a coaster. Something else to consider is that WOF 50th anniversary is coming in 2023.
  6. 2018 Prediction: Mack Power Splash (custom or clone) Unique would be only second one in the world I believe. Launch coaster and water ride. Still functional for Winterfest if programmed to run when water basin is empty? Anyone think this would be a good fit?
  7. Fair enough. Just basing an opinion off current Cedar Fair business practices.
  8. Just wanted to clarify that the Top Hats would be on opposite ends of the ride for clarity.
  9. Hmmm, interesting. Depending on land elevation of where it was placed at WOF it could look equal in height to Mamba. The only thing I'm not sure of is bang for the buck and public perception. The ride offers speed and height and at 20 per train could potentially be a people eater. Idea. If they purchased both and merged them into a dual launch. On the return curve into station of Kanonen delete the curve and place Zaturn launch in place of brake run into station. This way once the second launch is over it would go directly back into station of Kanonen. The width difference between the two is 25M and 30M respectively. This might take a small custom transition piece for the width difference and deletion of two 180 degree curves off both rides but possible. Maybe even add an enclosed dark ride element on second launch platform on Zaturn. Then length of both together is 90M and 150M but would change + or - depending on the merge configuration. With this layout it may be even possible to add a third train raising the PPH.
  10. There is a blurp on Screamscape.com about the Liseburg park selling their Kanonen launch coaster. After viewing some vids on YouTube I thought to myself what great ride for WOF! Granted its a 2005 Intamin and used...but could refurbished for the right price point for our park. It has inversions, launch, small tight footprint, 2 trains (16 person capacity), 930 PPH, 78Kph launch, 78ft high Top Hat, 65ft loop, and heartline roll. Great for families and a step up from Spinning Dragons. Wishful thinking I know but it has been sold to another park of which is unknown at this time.
  11. You should have added a "mic drop" at the end of your statement. Yes, I agree it would be a shame if they waited.
  12. If WOF is considering the impact on Season Pass sales it could affect the release date of viewing the artist rendering. Question is before Christmas, before New Years, or January?
  13. Anyone know the power requirements for a Skyrocket II? This may play a part in where the ride is located in the park....if we get one. According to this find for Mr. Freeze (same manufacturer, different ride, but still LIM) it requires quite a substantial amount of power. http://www.guidetosfot.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=74 The ride is also taller, but the Skyrocket II is shorter in height and has 3 launch phases. The cumulative results might be the same and does not include other power requirements such as dual loading platform. Unfortunately without any facts to compare.... Edit: New update from WOF Twitter. View is from Orient Bridge.
  14. One gigantic plaza would be beautifull as you just mentioned, but the logistics of haunt is a definite consideration for close storage. The thought of expanding Scandinavia with a promenade and Premier Skyrocket II is tantalizing. My hope is that the haunt storage does not interfere with the aesthetics of the new entrance nearby.
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