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  1. jmillzy: I'm not over estimating the wait times. The park was very busy today with one train running on Excalibur it can have a one hour wait time on a busy day. Reading some of your posts seems like you like to go after people how about not go after people.
  2. The park is really busy right now. (I find this shocking). How shocking is it for Excalibur to have a 1 hour wait time full que line? Doesn't happen that much only on really busy days. I have seen the line full early this year during the school field trip days.
  3. Valleyfair is packed today. I just came out of the park. The re admission exit is at least 15 minute wait just to get your hand stamp line was under the clock tower. The main lot is 3/3 full filling up fast. I thought it was going to be a slow Saturday with the state fair but I was wrong and most of the food buildings have wait times. I did get two re rides on Steel Venom this morning but the park filled up very fast. I say it's more busy right now then the 4th of July. This is great for the park seeing it this busy. Going back on Sunday. Wait Times: Not even 1:30pm. (1) Renegade: Two trains running hour wait. (2) Excalibur: 1 Hour. (3) Looping Star Ship: 1/2 hour wait full ship. (4) Mad Mouse: 1 hour. (5) Wild Thing: 1 hour 30 minutes. (6) High Roller: 1 Hour. (7) Corkscrew: 1 hour 30 minute wait time line is all the way to the bottom of the entrance. (8) Ferris Wheel: 1/2 hour wait. (9) The Monster: 1/2 hour wait. (10) Enterprise: 1/2 hour wait. (11) Steel Venom: 1 hour 30 minutes. (12) Extreme Swing: Full que line. (13) Power Tower: 1 hour. (14) Route 76: Full que line. (15) Scrambler: 1/2 hour. (16) Tilt a Whirl: 1/2 hour.
  4. Kings Island is getting a new Soak City water park expansion in 2016 along with new toll lanes. I hope Valleyfair would follow Kings Island and Carowinds and do some more general improvements. We could also use a new toll lane plaza entrance like the one at Carowinds. One thing I notice to that the main front parking lot could use some new re striping for next year its starting to fade a bit and do some more re paving in certain areas of the main lot like around the Steel Venom area.
  5. Nice article. I really hope Cedar Fair will add a new B&M for Valleyfair in the next few years. B&M will be a perfect coaster with the line up that we already have and a good fit for the park. New coaster possibly in the dinosaurs alive front of the park. I have been wanting a inverted for my home park for a while now. Renegade 2007 was our last coaster so I think were due for a new coaster its going on 9 years now. I'm going to say 2017 will be our year for a new coaster.
  6. I was back at the park in the evening again. I did ride Turbo Drop on Power Tower it did slow before reaching the top. I really like the view at the top.
  7. There are no new markings since the last markings that were over by the chaos area.
  8. Wild Thing is up and running again. On the way out my last ride on Renegade decided to take a photo of the new haunt building. Just added windows. Haunt building.
  9. I'm at the park in the evening for a while. I was in line at Power Tower. Wild Thing was stuck for 15 minutes on the lift. They are letting people off the train walking down the lift hill. I rode Wild Thing yesterday seem to be running fine. Mechanical issue this evening. People are getting off the train right now walking down the lift hill.
  10. Just got my last ride of Renegade. Took the photo of the moon coming over Valleyfair. The moon over Valleyfair.
  11. I just got off Wild Thing a five minutes ago I got stuck on my first ride of the evening because someone had to take there cell phone out and the ride operator told everyone to put there arms up in the air to check everyone.
  12. This came from Knotts mobile app. Just got an update from Knotts on my I phone. Knott's Scary farm Annoucement Event. On Wednesday, August 26 at 8pm Knott's Berry Farm Season Passholders and Scary Farm Passholders are invited to an exclusive 2015 Knott's Scary Farm unveiling event. Those in attendance will have a chance to win free Scary Farm tickets. This event will take place in the Charles M. Schulz theatre and is not recommended for children under 13. Wristbands are required for event enter. Makes me wonder about Valleyfair's annoucement will be soon for there new haunt attraction? Wonder if Valleyfair will follow the same way and do a sneak preview for there season passholders of there new haunt building.
  13. I just thought of this. Would any TPR's like to meet up on Sunday the last day of the season and hang out as a group? Ill be at Valleyfair the last day of the season all day. I'm at Valleyfair now looks like the park is getting ready for the haunt. Looks like maitence crews are only running one train on Wild Thing the rest of the evening along with Corkscrew both had two trains running early this evening before 6:00pm. Maitence just closed Wild Thing a few minutes ago right when I got in line putting the second train back on the transfer track. Park is really slow this evening. Why would they put a second train back on the transfer track at 7pm on Wild Thing and keep two trains running on Renegade till closing? Renegade had shorter lines then Wild Thing.
  14. I watch you tube videos on Wild Cat at Hershey Park. Is Wild Cat really a rough ride? I like the photos.
  15. Why did Valleyfair cut the park services? Is this the first year ride operators have done park services?
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