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  1. Do you think crowds will be more manageable this coming Sunday compared to Saturday? Trying to make it on most of the rides without splurging for FL+, but if it comes to that then it comes to that.
  2. Thinking about making it up to the park next Saturday. How long should I expect lines to be on opening day?
  3. Really upset I missed my chance to ride Zumanjaro when I was at SFGADV on Thursday. However I was strapped for time and chose 3 more back to back rides on El Toro with no lines over it, so I still think I made the right choice...
  4. I am sorry about my earlier comment, people and Larrygator... I got too worked up and gave my opinion too harshly. I will fix it, I am just upset because we should be allowed to be excited in the opening of whatever we want to open. Getting Over It...
  5. Buddy, why can't you just let us want the park to open T3? I want to see how much smoother it rides, and I hate walking in that back area of the amusement park because all you have in there now is the Raging Rapids, a closed of section where you get to the ampitheatre, and a closed rollercoaster.
  6. I hope your trip goes well! I was at the park yesterday and Deep Water Dive kept getting disabled plus Tornado was closed... So I hope you're lucky and they are both open when you get there! You especially don't want to miss Deep Water Dive! You'll love Lightning Run too! PS. Don't trust Kentucky weather
  7. ^ I don't know what the policy is exactly, but I do know that the park will run most of their rides (Lightning Run doubtful) if it's just drizzling or it's moderate rain. Obviously if it thunders or lightning, they will close the rides for a certain amount of time, and if it's constant plus pouring down rain like it was for me a couple weeks ago than it's possible that they might close down the park. The water at the waterpark has really warmed up with this hot summer... Nothing to worry about there, it's fine after a few minutes and most of the time at the park you'd rather be in the water than out of it.
  8. It's probably cuz it's opening in a park that has only 2 other big coasters, neither of which invert. Why wouldn't they be allowed to tell?
  9. Where'd you here that? Asked a maintenance worker while the park. Do they have any idea when it will open? Idk why they changed the brakes so late or these trains came so late, but it means that the ride will open after a month of it's scheduled opening and it's pretty disappointing whenever I plan to go and it's still not open. And considering it's the main thing they advertise in commercials and at the front gate and I'm pretty sure they're not making the GP happy. My only logical guess for all the delays is because they seemed to focus on the other 7 new rides first. I'm not trying to bash on the park as I in fact love where it's going but it just seems like T3 won't get enough enjoyment from the GP before they start hyping over RMC Twisted Twins, cuz if they announce it late July that would be less than a month after their newest coaster opens (or reopens). It seems strange doesn't it?
  10. I'm guessing it won't be open when I go tomorrow then, huh. Yet again...
  11. I would also say hit up Cyclos along with it if u were planning on riding it.
  12. I would also hope that they would make a new Pokemon themed ride then that area could be more than water rides, I just don't know how you make a pokemon ride? Plus, I don't know about Donkey Kong being right across from King Kong...
  13. When I was at the park today I saw what looked like test dummies on the trains.... When y say trains are you meaning 2 sets? Sorry. I meant train. Edit: I fixed my last post
  14. When I was at the park today I saw what looked like test dummies on the train....
  15. I know, I LOVE Cyclos! Idk if I like it more than Lightning Run but it's definetly my second favorite. That feeling when your upside down always freaks me out cause I'm not even touching the seat, but it feels awesome at the same time. About halfway through it I go "OK, THAT'S ENOUGH!" but it never is... I wouldn't worry about it, I'm sure if Ed thought something was unsafe he'd do something about it. Also while I'm talking about Enterprise... Just a note: If your a smaller person like I am it's probably a good idea to ride with a partner. When your by yourself, it ends up pushing you forward in the carriage, and because of the force, it's alot harder to move back than you might think...
  16. In the concept art you could see a part of what looked like a watercoaster coming from the volcano. So I think it would work out the best for them if they relocate and re-theme some of the most popular slides, incorporate them with all new slides (like a water coaster) and then give the rest of them away.
  17. It's best not to say anything whether what you know is true or not if you're not allowed or willing to share. It just makes you look bad. Either tell people or leave it be, don't try and justify it. Just to be clear i don't care either way if you share, just letting you know it's kind of a lose lose situation you put yourself in. That's a good point. Why would you tell us you know only to tell us that you can't tell us what you know?
  18. Update: They just closed the park due to severe weather. Put I can't leave cuz I'm waiting for a ride. Edit: I've now escaped
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