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  1. The future is looking bright for cedar point. I think the chances for a meanstreak refurbishing are high for 2016. Also great americas Goliath 2014 and 2015 deal with rmc for the tallest woodie will be up. Maybe cp will try to incorporate some records into MS too.
  2. Definitely keep some halloween props for this all year. If they dont get cheap this"ll be spectacular. Id put an animatronics aligator in the swamp whilst in line as well as a rickety bridge, of course your fog machines. At night a timed strobe light for the corkscrew.
  3. I too am hoping this ride is "heavily" themed. Maybe add some trees or something where the train hugs the ground to create near misses. Or even a portion of the second half indoor. Hell', turn off the midcourse break.
  4. I thought standup trains were heavier than floorless. The speed should change some. I Dont care about color scheme or even the restraints so to speak. The ride will will make or break based on if the first trim is there or not.
  5. Id definitely like to see the first trim break removed. And even better, remove the mcbr as well.
  6. I think it would be an interesting concept to have a rollercoaster contest for a park. What I mean is the park takes enthusiasts coaster designs, like a contest. I.e given a said plot of land. Then decide upon the highest voted OR use their descretion and choose one. I think itd be exciting for the community, and who knows may even be better than what they wouldve come up with. Wishful thinking, but still something thatd be cool to see.
  7. All of this teasing is ok more or less, because the wait for the anouncement will be well worth it ladies and gentlemen.
  8. I originally didnt like the refurbishing of mantis because I thought they could perhaps put a dark ride in there and retheme the area being a central part of the park. But whispers are saying floorless with over_the_shoulder restraints. 3 apparently random small sections of launches. With expansion and intertwining with millennium force on the island. Cedarpoint has been my home park since 1975 and im really hoping that they will keep trying to lead the industry in inovation and keeping a wonderful atmosphere for years to come.
  9. Complete garbage poll. I dont even believe most of the voters went on medusa steel coaster.
  10. Some like fat women some like em skinny. Coaster poles dont really matter, but Mitch hawkers coaster poll is better than the golden tickets awards but its still not accurate by any stretch of the imagination. I think 2015 will give us some true winners between twisted colossus, mantis inferno, thunderbird, fury 325 and canibal.
  11. The "lemon chill" guy gave me an interesting conversation yesterday. Wicked twister will be changed to "the king" with cavalier colors. Meanstreak will be "silverstreak" in 2016. And finally mantis will have a green spine with red pillars and be known as "mantis inferno" featuring a redone second half of ride and the new sitdown trains will travel 10mph faster than the old mantis.
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