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  1. @CPFoodBlog posted a picture of a new teaser up at Cedar Point that references Great America/Yankee Harbor. I feel like the prevailing wisdom points to a water park expansion for 2019 and I think I've heard talk about a re-theme for Boomerang Bay, so do you think next year we see Boomerang Bay turn into Yankee Harbor? It would make sense since they've demolished pretty much everything that was in Yankee Harbor and they'll certainly be using that land for the water park.
  2. I didn't notice an official single rider line when I was there, they were just asking for single riders out of the standby line. Where were you doing Single Rider? Fastlane line. How does that exactly work though? In my experience, while single riders and Fast Lane holders share the same line, people with Fast Lane are given priority. I had Fast Lane and they were consistently seating me before the single riders ahead of me in line and also asking which row I wanted. It appears they just use the single riders to fill in the gaps... which is how a single rider line should work.
  3. I'm watching too. Looks like it's just employees. Not quite open to the public yet.
  4. Not sure what it means it terms of a potential opening date, but it looks like they're training ride ops on Railblazer tonight.
  5. This article says Cal-OSHA ordered all similar rides in the state to close temporarily including La Revolucion, Fire Ball at SCBB and Delirium at CGA. http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/07/26/santa-cruz-beach-boardwalk-closes-fire-ball-after-deadly-malfunction/
  6. The park has filed plans with the city for "Archictural Review of new 100' tall roller coaster". http://smartpermit.santaclaraca.gov/tm_bin/tmw_cmd.pl?tmw_cmd=StatusViewCase&shl_caseno=PLN2017-12662 That seems to indicate that it wouldn't be a standard Intamin Impulse.
  7. Spotted a couple surveyors out in front of White Water Falls. They were just packing up as I walked by, but I don't see any new stakes or surveying markers.
  8. Heads up for those of you looking to ride Vortex one last time: I saw it testing this morning, but now it's closed with maintenance working on the section just before the lift.
  9. Man, these Christmas displays go up earlier and earlier every year. That was right in front of the fried chicken restaurant, but most of the decorations were in Celebration Plaza. According to the signs, they were setting up to film some commercials for Winterfest tonight. They put up a big tree and a few wreaths around the carousel and they added lights to a some of the trees in Celebration Plaza. It also looked like they were filming inside the little pink shop between Flight Deck and Delta Flyer. The door was open for a bit and I could see some Christmas trees lit up inside. A while later I saw a woman dressed as Ms. Claus standing around outside.
  10. There is a theater in the middle of Flight Deck. I imagine they'll just repurpose that.
  11. I got them back! Kinda surprised I only had to wait a half hour after the park closed.
  12. Anyone have experience with the Lost and Found? My keys flew out of my pocket during Tatsu's pretzel loop. Think I have any chance of getting them back?
  13. Unfortunately, the fireworks are so close to Flight Deck that the whole ride area has to be evacuated before the show. No way they would delay their investigation for the fireworks.
  14. Two trains today. Orange and purple. They've been dispatching fairly quickly so the majority of cycles are dueling once. Edit: Scratch that. Watching right now and they seem pretty out of sync. A lot of non-dueling cycles.
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