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  1. I don't really get what people mean when they say Millennium doesn't have any airtime. Let me put it like this: If all the lapbars on Millennium suddenly failed just before any of the hills, no one would be on the train when it gets into the station. That's how you can tell it has airtime. So what do I think is overrated? I'm not saying any of these rides are bad, but here's the list: Magnum XL-200. Speaking of Millennium Force, this is what a lot of people were expecting. If I had just heard the announcement of a 300+ foot roller coaster coming to Cedar Point, I wouldn't have hoped it would be like this ride for two reasons: First off, if Millennium was like Magnum, then what'd be the point to it? Second, it'd suck. Saying that you wanted a giga coaster to be like Magnum was like saying you wanted Top Gear to build a space shuttle (they actually built one, and it crashed.) It'd be too much for the kind of technology you have your hands on. The chain lift is too loud, it's got a lot of rough points, the pretzel turn-around feels like getting punched in the gut (*cough trim brakes *cough) and all the other airtime hills after that hurt like hell! One of the few coasters I've been on that hurt. Nitro. There are a lot of people that love this ride, and to be honest, I don't really get the hype. Maybe this is what people were talking about when they said Millennium Force is forceless. I only went on it twice IN THE BACK and it didn't deliver. Not in airtime and although it did deliver in positive Gs, my feet weren't touching the ground and it felt like someone was trying to rip off my legs. Kingda Ka. This is actually my favorite coaster I went on when I went to Great Adventure (El Toro was broken, but it'd easily take the cake.) It's a fantastic ride too, while it lasted. It's one of those rides that you want to last longer, but it doesn't. If you've read up to this point and a train on Kingda Ka launched when you started reading this, it'd be over by now. Another problem is that it has OTSR (over the shoulder restraints) and not the good kind. The restraints on Intimidator 305 are much better, and although it doesn't deliver the thigh pain that Maverick and Magnum have, it's still fairly restricting. The Beast. Another example of a ride that everyone loves but doesn't live up to its hype. It'd be better if it didn't have so many trim brakes, and a lot of people might say "it lowers the cost of maintaining the ride" well screw that because running an amusement park is expensive, end of story. I'd rather remove the trim brakes and spend a bit more to maintain the ride than to keep it there and let the ride get all this hate. I mean this ride has zero airtime (although it has a few moments of less gravity), and no one can come up with an argument when we're talking about a roller coaster that lasts 4 minutes, even if we're talking about going through the forest, which is probably why this ride gets so much hype. Goliath (SFMM.) This is the only coaster here that I haven't been on, and I'd first like to say that this ride is a fast, long, and very intense ride which ought to sound fantastic, but Intimidator 305 is an example of one that works out good, and this is one that doesn't. First off, who in their right minds would develop a coaster with only one airtime hill? It's ridiculous. I mean Diamondback has seven, and I know of a couple other coasters with even more than that. Another problem is the twists and turns after the mid-course brake run which kills most of the speed (which I don't like). After that you experience 5.5g for quite a bit after that. I've been on a few coasters that generate so much g-force that you grey-out (Millennium, Nitro, and Gatekeeper) but this is just ridiculous. If I was in line to ride this I wouldn't be surprised if someone came off unconscious. Need I say more?
  2. Here are my top 5 most overrated coasters: 1. The Beast. It just shook me around a lot when I was on it and a lot of people really like it but it's more like a rickety trip through the woods rather than a roller coaster. 2. Kingda Ka. It's a great ride but it's got just one problem: It doesn't last long enough. The time you have on the ride is fantastic but there isn't enough of it. It isn't even in the top 20 of coasters in the world, and I'm not surprised. 3. Goliath (Six Flags Magic Mountain) A lot of people have been on that ride and I'm not one of them, but a lot of evidence has led me to this conclusion. It's rough, too intense with that helix, only has one airtime hill that isn't very good, and if you're going to go 85 mph then why stop it so much with that brake run? I easily prefer Magnum XL-200. 4. Top Thrill Dragster. It's basically the same with Kingda Ka: Not enough time on the ride. I prefer Kingda Ka but they hype on about it WAY more than Top Thrill Dragster and that's why it's higher. 5. Nitro. I'm probably going to get a lot of people saying 'What? How the hell is Nitro in 5th place? It's fantastic!' Well for me, it wasn't. It has airtime, but it doesn't have enough airtime to be called a proper B&M hyper coaster. To me that's the whole point of one. As a B&M hyper coaster, I easily prefer Diamondback, Shambhala, and even Behemoth.
  3. 5-year plan for Cedar Point: 2015: Tear down the tracks on Mean Streak and make it into a hybrid coaster. 2016: Dismantle Power Tower and introduce a Zumanjaro-style drop tower into Top Thrill Dragster that goes 100 mph. 2017: Build a poler-coaster in the space Power Tower used to be. Make it at least 575 feet high and start building it way earlier than a normal coaster. 2018: Mild upgrades. Raptor gets the same kind of restraints as Banshee and Mantis gets floorless trains. 2019: Destroy Iron Dragon and put in a large flying coaster.
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