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  1. Went earlier and Freeze had a hiccup, but I got to ride it. Seems someone threw up on The Boss, as there was a big delay. As for the ride, I didn't notice any difference, if there was supposed to be one. Rode Fireball and doubt I'll ride it in the summer, at least not on a really hot day, as it made my stomach weird. It wasn't anything special, so it at least didnt take up much space.
  2. I dont watch much basic tv, but Ive seen a few ads for Six Flags and SDC on Fox 2 and wouldnt be surprised if I saw them on Travel Channel. Dierbergs has an ad for passes at the entrance.
  3. The best days to go are generally Tuesdays-Thursdays. This avoids the crowds on the weekends and anyone that has a three day weekend. Also any days that have rain in the forecast are good to go. The crowds will be minimal and SFSTL doesn't close most ride because of rain or wind (there are of course some exceptions to that). You probably wouldn't need to spend any money other than food and parking if you don't have a gold pass. No need for a flash pass unless its a very very busy day. I'm not asking because I want to go, Ive worked at the park for far too many years and know what each day of the year is like... Im just curious to what our season pass holders here on TPR choose what days to go and if they fork out any money. To answer that in another way, Im going to avoid holidays and probably BAFF days. I went on one BAFF, which I think was the Sunday before Labor day and it was packed.
  4. Going to try to go on the weekends later this month and possibly May and maybe during some weekdays when me and my friend are off. And the only thing I buy is food, but I rarely eat there, as most of the time that I've been there, it's been too hot.
  5. From what I understand, SFSTL has been doing a lot of general upkeep throughout the past several off seasons. I get this information second hand, because I don't visit the park. But I mean, let's be honest... Don't all parks let their theming degrade to certain degree, with maybe the exception of Disney? It's just like driving your 1995 Honda Accord. Some things are worth fixing for the money, other things not so much as long as the ride gets you from A-B without your windshield freezing up or your fingers going numb. I legitimately believe that it doesn't make a difference to the masses if Batman's queue were restored to its full original glory. As long as it's functional and looks 'OK' most of the people buying tickets don't care. Sure, there may be an occasional smartass comment from the cynics, but would it really be a 'wow' factor to the masses if the cop car crashed into the fire hydrant was still fully functional after seeing it 20 years later? I mean honestly, after replacing pumps, water lines, rusting car parts, etc., do you realize over 20 years how much money would be put into that one effect? I think this is why Cedar Fair chooses their smart, but criticized by enthusiast snobs, strategy of more clean lines and simple theming, because the upkeep is far less costly and most of it needs little to no attention throughout the life a particular ride or area. Personally, I'm at the point with this park where if you were to give it a hyper coaster I wouldn't give a damn if I had to cross over a moat of raw sewage to get to it. Lets just all take a step back and pretend we're not enthusiasts for a few minutes. Ask yourself: Who really gives a sh**? I think it would look cool if they added some artwork, like those carnival haunted houses, but of the Gotham City skyline, maybe with sound effects. If not that, then maybe something like American Thunder, where they have posters of it's history.
  6. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=18656&start=4320 ^I hope this helps. The video in this link is the SFOG New Revolution Maybe it's just me, but the video in the VR looks like a Playstation 2 game.
  7. Im probably going on the two saturdays in mid April. Will be interesting, as I've never gone this early in the season. I got an email over the weekend about a meal pass, but it was only for a lunch/snack, not dinner. It was $30, but if I eat there, it would more than likely be just for dinner/snack.
  8. I would check Justice League and see if there's a line first or see if it's actually running. If there is a line, I'd do American Thunder first. FYI, if you see people outside the JL line, it's at least 90 minutes. As long as there aren't any delays, the line is 60 minutes once you reach the entrance of the hall of justice. Last time I rode it, there wasn't a "delay", but the staff wasn't filling the cars to capacity. I get that it's really busy and all, but it makes no sense to put only two or three people on it, when it can hold seven.
  9. I would check Justice League and see if there's a line first or see if it's actually running. If there is a line, I'd do American Thunder first. FYI, if you see people outside the JL line, it's at least 90 minutes.
  10. I like it. Its different and Ive thought those motion rides were fun, even though this is obviously different. Hope they have the sense to at least rename the ride.
  11. I went there on a Sumday in late august and the only big wait was justice league(when it works). Looks like the majority of the rides are at the one's you're aleady going to, but considering it's directly where you'd be driving(assuming you're using I-44), Id say go for it.
  12. During summer: American Thunder, Mine Train, and Batman Frightfest: The Boss, Batman, Mine Train, AT Going to try to go in early spring, as I havent been there at that time.
  13. If you are on this page, there are essentially three boxes or categories in terms of the type of pass. At the top you have the special deal, which is a free gold pass upgrade when you purchase four or more season passes ($60.99). Under that, there is a box that says 2016 Gold Pass, which is if you are purchasing between one and three passes ($75.99). Finally, there is a box that says 2016 Season Pass, which is if you are purchasing between one and three passes ($60.99). While it may seem confusing, their are two of Six Flags' strategies to be aware of in general: 1. The earlier you buy your passes, the better deal you will get. (Some people choose to wait assuming the price will drop as the operating season starts to go by, which is not the case.) 2. If at all possible, purchasing four or more passes is by far the best deal. At this point, for instance, you save $15 per pass compared to the regular gold pass price. I'll add that labor day weekend is the best time to buy online, as I bought three season passes for 2016 for $60 each and activated them during Fright Fest, which upgraded them to Gold Passes for free. I found that Fright Fest is the best time to go, since the weather is so much better for riding rides.
  14. So I got an email with a new survey, first to do with a commercial, then the other questions had to do with ride photos, such as, how much would you pay for a photo season pass. I think I got a key chain like, 10 years ago, but I find that print photos are way outdated and would be overpriced. However, it says that they would use that box thing on your phone to scan and it would go directly there, but I still wouldnt want to pay money for it.
  15. Yeah, I saw at least one car with just two people in it, which is inexcusable. I was with two other people and I was going to be in the front, but after we sat down, the guy asked me to get in the back so three others could get in, which I did, but they couldnt seat the others in time, though I didnt even see anyone even coming towards the car. The only technical problem I experienced was the final scene action scene freezing up. I think what would've been a LOT better, is making it one of those motion rides, like Star Tours. I think it would have been far more effective.
  16. Went last night and the only sucky thing was Justice League. It was closed when I got there, but had reopened and waited 90 minutes(which was kind of expected). The loading part just felt disorganized. Even the flashpass line was full. Instead of just letting people on, they would look for a certain sized group. I wont go back on it next year, unless its a way shorter line.
  17. I probably am, though I went a couple saturdays ago and it was busy too. On a side note, I went to Lemp Brewery last night and enjoyed it. I highly recommend getting the speed pass, or maybe even a weekday, to go through slowly with a small group. My only real complaint about here and The Darkness is theyre too dark. A lot of the displays and props were barely noticable.
  18. Didnt go into any of the haunted houses, considering that it cost extra and it was really busy(and that Im planning on doing scarefest). Riding the roller coasters at night with a cool breeze is much better than in the middle of summer. Only annoyance was a lot of teenagers. The part with the headless horseman looked really neat.
  19. Going to fright fest tonight. First time Im wearing long sleeves to Six Flags.
  20. The season pass is really good, considering you get a free gold pass upgrade.
  21. Sept 13, though it seems every sunday in september could be bad, since: Coupon #6 — Bring A Friend for $19.99 Labor Day Weekend Choose any one day: September 5 - 7 Coupon #7 — Bring A Friend for $14.99 Sundays in September Choose one day: September 6, 20, or 27 Coupon #8 — Bring A Friend for $19.99 Fright Fest Sundays Choose one day: October 4, 11, 18, 25, or November 1
  22. How was it? And yea, HWH whenever you want to post those pictures... Also, you all saw the "hint" today on the sign right? At least they are aknowledging something is happening lol It was an hour wait and halfway through, my friend said "this better be worth it". We got up to the loading part, where there was a few minute delay, but it worked fine. My score was roughly 250,000, where his wasnt even half that, lol. At the end, we loved it and he said it was worth the wait. I wont be surprised if it's a two hour wait on a bring a friend free day. On the bright side, at least the other rides wont have a wait.
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