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  1. I would definitely get a season pass, as tax and '"fees" will make a single ticket close to $60.
  2. So I redownloaded the Six Flags app and tried scanning my pass and it's doing nothing and when I click anything, it just says network connection error. I guess I have to print the passes
  3. Just got an email with a gold season pass offer which looks like it would be 55 with tax. Kind of strange since I already have the pass.
  4. Anyone having problems with the Six Flags app? When I open it, nothing works.
  5. Got a survey in my email today for a new name for a ride. It went from questions related to that, to a completely random local attraction question.
  6. A recent survy email kind of implied a character theme ride. Personally, Id like to see a WW coaster replace Nnja.
  7. If I remember right, it's platinum, then Diamond. Mainly bigger discounts on food, one premium parking ticket, one skip the line, and a few other things.
  8. Only thing that stood out to me was the points system, though I probably won't go enough to earn anything significant.
  9. Just did a new survey about higher memberships than Gold. I think Id stick with Gold myself.
  10. Been to two fright fests, but havent done any haunted houses, as I like riding the rides in the dark a lot more. Creepyworld and The Darkness are much better for the money.
  11. I havent even been there yet this season, but yeah, that price is too good to pass up. Ended up buying a pass.
  12. Anyone having problems getting a pass? I'm a current gold pass member, but it says my number is invalid.
  13. The biggest difference is that you can only buy one pass if you want, where all the other specials, you have to buy multiple passes. My pass last year was $60, which ended up being a free Gold upgrade, aka, free parking. Season parking pass is $75, where daily is $25.
  14. Gold, considering Parking itself is $25 each time and season parking pass is $75.
  15. I did it two or three times last year with at least an hour wait each time. I think I'd only do it again if the wait is 30 minutes at the most. I think having both sides being 3d screens(like harry potter, Jurassic park, etc) would have been much more immersive.
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