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  1. While a Euro fighter would appease me, I don't think it'd calm the hyper crowd. I also am not sure of the reality of it, considering SF and them aren't on great terms. I think when the shoe drops it will be one of the total mayhem flippy-dos
  2. While a Euro fighter would appease me, I don't think it'd calm the hyper crowd. I also am not sure of the reality of it, considering SF and them aren't on great terms. I think when the shoe drops it will be one of the total mayhem flippy-dos
  3. What a clever way to say "OH GOD ALL THE KIDS WENT BACK TO SCHOOL OH LORD HELP!!!"
  4. To confirm with your post, Mooseburger, JB's Smokehouse, and 1904 Hot Dog were all being served out of Collonades. As much as I would like to explain the staffing logistics, I am not at liberty to do so, and I don't think that would be constructive as it wouldn't change the experience people had yesterday. In terms of JLBM, I'm sorry that it was closed at the time you were in the area, but it fortunately was open most of the day. At this point, I am feeling insanely burnt out after yesterday and just getting home from work today. I will be working on my personal responses to Mizzoumatt, RKO, Sportsdude360, and PKI in a Google Doc to post when I get the chance in the next 24 hours. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for the genuine response. I will say folks like you thay care so passionately, and seeing a guy like Dave out great ing the crowds and sweeping up really make me keep my love to SF:STL even on the worst visits. No worries at all, thanks again
  5. Heres my two cents, and I actually believe this may happen. Im in the camp that the better RMC conversion would be Screaming Eagle. IMO, the Boss can be saved by a retracking and some better trains. What you love about the boss will not be there if it's converted. It probably won't even be a conversion, as much of it will be demoed and the ride will be shortend. Even in its current state, the Boss can stand for a long time, worse rides are operating today. Eagle on the other hand, I rode it yesterday, and man, it was rough. As I told my wife as she complained, that's part of its charm. But as we went on...the bumps and bruises from the rise stayed a little longer. These things where not meant to last forever, and it may be getting close to the time where this ride either has to be overhauled or knocked down sometime before it's 50th birthday. With a RMC Eagle, you can save the style and charm of the ride, while making it modern and brand new. Look at Twisted Collosus. We all want Eagle to live forever, and the best way for that to happen is for it to be converted and thrill for another 30 or 40 years
  6. Just have to add, this was NOT a case of being over run or too busy. Atleast when I was there (about 11-2). There was simply zero staff. I walked on all 3 rides I rode before becoming hungry, and would've stayed and had one last Hurricane Harbor go round. I spent all day there on July 4th and had an amazing time. We did the water park while everyone was in the dry, and then the dry while everyone was cooling off. Operations handled that day smooth. I can only imagine this was a case of all the seasonal workers blowing this day off or something.
  7. Man...what an awful day at the park. I genuinely felt bad for Dave and the full time staff (pretty sure I saw HWFAN running to and from different areas). I was looking forward to eating JBS and riding Justice League. Justice League was down, and all the resteraunts where closed snd directed to Colonades. I csn tell they where understaffed and felt bad, but it didn't make up for a rotten day at the park.
  8. I appreciate your constant feedback to this form HWFan, let me just start off with that. But I think to say there's no reason to be negative on thus forum isn't accurate. I certainly wasn't trying to be negative, but those that are have a right to. This is a forum for coaster enthusiasts, and they are growing frustrated at the length of time between legit coasters. It's not Zack or even Six Flags fault, but they have a right to complain. I'm fairly excited for the loop. I'm hedging my excitement though because if I end up not liking it, it will have taken the place of one of my favorite flats we have. So that would be another ride I like, being taken out for another I dont. I don't expect others to match my opinion, but a million guest surveys won't take away my personal disappointment if I don't like it. I understand HH is not a priority, made painfully obvious by exactly 0 adult slides going in at parks (not counting white water which is not attached to a dry park)
  9. I just saw "two new kids areas". Figured they also really needed a HH expansion. But that is a cool ride.
  10. My initial reaction is what did Georgia do to piss off coporate. Atleast we can say, disgruntled we may be, we have not had the weird past few years they have. Beyond that....eh? I'll ride it more than Boomerang or Tsunami Soaker I guess. It will look pretty snd the GP will like it. I was really hoping for a HH expansion as I felt that was needed more. I believe there is silver lining in this announcement. As I said in a previous post, they are really building up that back area of the park. Making it bright, fun, and attractive. We can only hope that a new, steel coaster will be announced for next year to replace tidal wave and expand into the unused land. Maybe I'm dreaming, but that's what I feel all signs point to. Don't we host a big coaster convention this summer/fall? Maybe we hear something then.
  11. The only positive I would take away from such an installation would be the continued rebuild of that back area. Maybe they are polishing that area up before they finally move forward with knocking down the Tidal Wave and expanding back into that wooded area.
  12. Those clues would absolutely confirm a Larson Loop in the Rush Street Flyer spot. It's do believable because it's the exact sort of insane let down I'd expect. I also can't imagine that guy, who is an employee if I'm not mistaken, being able to give us thay strong of a clue without being fired.that's where my small bit of hope will lie
  13. X Flight ops used to wear jet fighter jump suits. Did they scrap those?
  14. Want to take my wife for her birthday next week and just realized it's their last day of weekday operation! Eeek! Was going on a Wed because of reduced crowds, will the park be packed for the last day before school kids go back?
  15. I could legit see us getting a slide and Backwards Batman. As for location I think you're dead on if they expand. There's a perfect place to extend that path. I previously said I like the bowl/half pipe wall combo at Georgia. HWFAN seemed to poo-poo the HH rumor aswell though so who knows.
  16. Screamscape reported latest rumors are leaning towards a slide tower. No its not a Free Fly Coaster but after spending a lot of time at HH this year I'd be pretty stoaked. Would love to have a new state of the art group slide, like the one they put in Georgia.
  17. This is a buddy of mine's home park and he tipped me off to the news. Just a fantastic addition for a cool little park, this could really put it on the map to what ever extent a park this size can be. I'll be visiting next summer for sure.
  18. If we where getting a coaster wouldn't there already be noticeable evidence? Survey markers of some sort? I find it hard to imagine. I'm thinking a slide or a looper this year.
  19. Vsited yesterday and had a absolute blast! We did hurricane harbor from open until about 3:30 and then the dry park until 7. Dunno if it was down from Friday, if my wife and I just had a good plan, or if operations kicked ass, but everything was a walk on other than Justice League. Fantastic day to visit.
  20. Please do not pass on American Thunder, it's probably pound for pound our best ride. I'd say with 9 hours you should be fine, only thing standing in your way will be breakdowns. Justice League has had its trouble, Mr. Freeze can have its down days, and Superman is out of commission at the moment. Also, your health, I'd you plan to ride boomerang, boss, and Ninja in the same day.
  21. Took a trip up yesterday from the St. Louis area yesterday for a day at Great America. Wanted to say thanks to all of you. The recent flash pass discussion and the updates on Goliath really shaped my trip and made it wonderful. My wife and I have gone every year for the past four years and as always, this was a fantastic day. On the discussion of the flash pass, I gotta vote get one. We always do, and this year I was like, "Nah" but reading the forums I was swayed back to the darkside, and I'm glad I was. We rode everything we wanted to twice, and that's with stopping for two meals, a snack, and two rides on Goliath (had gold so it was not included, about an hour wait each time). On the subject though, I feel like I have to call BS on the explanation of wait time reduction. They say the Platinum is a significant difference from the Gold, but the ONLY ride we waited more than I'd say 10 minutes for was Superman, which was a 20 minute wait on a posted 110 minute wait ride. Everything else was posted 60-90 minutes and we where read to ride by the time we walked there. I'm not complaining, but had I bought the platinum based on wait times and seen this I'd prob be a bit ticked. I love your park, you guys are very lucky to call it your local park. I saw some of the issues you guys complain about regularly such as operations, the trims on Raging Bull, how much The Dark Knight sucks, ect. But I'd take it all in a second for your ride selection. I've read rumors of you guys possible landing a Justice League BFM, I feel like that would just be the icing on the cake for it. My wife and I where beat at the end of the night, and probably would've stayed untill close if there was a nice, easy going flat ride such as that (for the first time ever, we where thrilled out). Where do you guys think something like that would go? Are there big vacant buildings that Im missing?
  22. Thanks so much for all your help and replies. We might be making a spontaneous trip this weekend if the weather looks water-worthy (if I'm going, I have to ride those water coasters). I think reading everyone's thoughts, sounds like maybe I should save Voyage for the end of the day, that way if it roughs me up it doesn't ruin my experience. Thanks again!
  23. Hey guys! First time posting over here, looking for some help. Looking to venture out your way from the St. Louis area for a day trip with the wife. Wondering though, overall how rough on a scale of 1-10 would you rate the roughness of the woodies at Holiday World? Being from St. Louis area, Im wondering if they are more or less painful than The Boss at SF:STL for those that have visited both parks. I occasionally experience neck pain and some woodies (ex: The Boss) are just too painful for me to enjoy. Wanted to know before I venture out, thanks for any help you can provide. Congrats on Thunderbird, it looks amazing.
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