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  1. Hey there all you crazy crehos and fellow TPRers Just stopping by to let folks who will be attending "Opening Day at Knoebels" know that I have worked out a small ERT session with the park. There's no cost to members, but pre-registration for inclusion is required. Link for sign-up is here: https://www.retrogamesformac.com/knoebels/ See you in the queue! -Wild Bill
  2. Not sure if this is of interest to anyone? However, the Snap Nazi quit his job at Knoebels about 2 weeks ago.
  3. Hey guys! A courtesy FYI ... on 10/6 at the start of the Friday night private enthusiasts party, the park will be holding a special Memorial ERT in honor of long-time employee Bumper Car Jack, who passed away in June. All the details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/BumperCarJackMemorial
  4. Those of you planning to go to PPP 2017 -- and specifically, the Phriday night PPPreview Party (which you should be, it's going to be fkn amazing!!) -- may also be interest to know that the very kind folks over at the Elysburg Haunted House ( https://www.facebook.com/ElysburgHauntedHouse ) have offered Friday Knoebels attendees the special priviledge of a PREVIEW HAUNT night (somewhat in conjunction with the Knoebel event). It will also be held on Friday, October 6th, from 9 - 10 PM-ish** They note the closing is not a hard/fast time, and they they will stay open if there are large crowds of attendees -- they want EVERYONE to go through their amazing house!!! So yeah -- FYI if you're planning on attending PPP 2017, and specifically Knoebels Friday Night soiree, that one of the BEST Haunted Houses in all of America will be open for Enthusiasts and their Guests late on that Friday night as well. The house is AWESOME and it's an opportunity you'd be well served in seizing!!!!!
  5. Once again in 2017, Phoenix Phall Phunfest has expanded to TWO DAYS -- with the first evening ERT open ONLY to club members! Club TPR Members are able to purchase tickets! If you're not a Club TPR Member, you can join here: http://www.clubtpr.com This year’s Phoenix Phall Phunfest on October 6-7! Something you might notice as out of the ordinary for PPP is an exclusive Friday night event. Because we can’t open this event (which includes ERT on Phoenix and Flying Turns) to the general public, pre–registration is required for the Friday event. You can find more info and the registration form here: http://www.knoebels.com/phunfest. Ride packages are available to the general public. However, the Phunfest package is available to only card-carrying members of pre-approved enthusiast groups (of ClubTPR is included), and add: the Friday PPPreview Exclusive Event, two slices of Cesari's Pizza, a soft drink, a game ticket and a Haunted Mansion ticket. We're excited for our PPP friends to experience a fun-filled Friday evening event in addition to the always-thrilling Saturday events. 2017 Schedule of Events Phoenix Phall Phunfest Preview Party (Friday, October 6): FREE event for card carrying enthusiasts of our approved groups, plus one guest Online registration begins August 23rd at http://www.knoebels.com/phunfest Check-in begins at 6:30 p.m. on October 6 near Freaky Fandango Event runs from 7:00-10:00 p.m. Three hours of ERT on Phoenix and Flying Turns (weather permitting) “Light" refreshments will be provided Live entertainment provided by the "Koaster Kats" Knoebels Plinko game with Knoebels prizes (with donation to Give Kids the World) PPP shirt sales so you can skip the line on Saturday! BEWARE! Secret surprises and special announcements are lurking in the shadows!!! Phoenix Phall Phunfest Saturday event (Saturday, October 7): 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Covered Bridge Festival 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Rides Open 12 noon - 4:00 p.m. Souvenir Swap Meet at Phoenix Courtyard 7:00 p.m. - Costume Parade registration at Food Court 8:00 p.m. - Costume Parade (prizes awarded) 10:30 p.m. - Rally & Bonfire in the Campground Phunfest Coupon Packs are provided to approved enthusiast club members only (does not include guest) who purchase any of our Saturday Ride Plans. [Coupon Pack includes: 2 Slices of Cesari's Pizza, Drink, Game Ticket & Haunted Mansion Ticket.] Hopefully see you in October!
  6. Ok ... you know that when something prompts me to take the time to actually log onto this forum and post, that it's a big friggin deal!!! HOORAY!!!!!! West Coast Bash 2015 freaking rocked. I cannot wait for this year's event <3 <3
  7. When in Rome ... p.s. WCB 2015 freakin ROCKED!!!! <3 To anyone who missed this year's event ... I almost feel guilty about it
  8. Just 1 week away until my VERY FIRST WCB event!! The Saturday portion at SFMM will coincide on my Birthday. Personally, I cannot think of a better way to celebrate the occasion -CB
  9. Ok, here's my dumb question du jour ... what is a "chaperoned event?" Seriously, in all my years, I've never heard of such a thing?!
  10. From the "better late than never" file..... I just registered for WCB 2015. My first TPR event *ever*, and I am very excited about it!! I've been hearing great things from folks for years now about this event (and events in general)... and the SFMM portion happens to fall on my Birthday! :like:
  11. Maybe since it hasn't been well maintend at all, it will need more work to have it open around the right time So take this with a grain of salt, but I was told that Cyclone, like Colossus, will indeed be receiving the Iron Horse treatment. This is verified by the fact that if you visit the park TODAY and look at the ride's structure, you'll see two key elements: 1. paint markers on existing bents where bent height will be altered. 2. reinforcement of the structure in places. I'm hearing also that the layout will be much different than what the current Cyclone profile is. Not as "cut and dry" as Medusa Mexico was. For example, they will have to close down the current "through the structure" entrance way, as that section of the ride will be much different (lower in profile). Why they chose to start this work in July, I have no idea? Perhaps between SFMM, SFGAd and SFNE, it was more so a project management issue? Who knows. Noting for the record that the current "Exit Ramp" was actually "Entrance #2" in the life of the Cyclone, not the original entrance. Any way, from what I am hearing this will remain the "Exit Ramp." A new entrance/queue will be made more near where the *original* entrance was ... which right now, is sort of kind of in back of where the Boomerang (original one from KK) is. Maybe it will cut across the top of the hill from Crackaxle Canyon? It's a possibility, since there is so much hardware now down on the midway (where the original entrance once stood).
  12. Admittedly, there isn't much that I completely geek out at these days. But I am fairly freaked out at the photo TR. Thanks for the great summary!! I didn't have any immediate plans to visit Orlando this year, but I think this TR is a game changer for me. I've GOT to see this in person!! <3
  13. HUGE fan of CLP here. It's just a great, classic park (no frills). I know it's quirkiness is not for everybody, but personally, I happen to enjoy it's "odd" charm and old-world sensibilities. I also always make it a point to stay at the Hotel Conneaut. One could certainly do better/cheaper/nicer elsewhere, but again, it's part of that old-world charm. And I think it adds to the park experience as a whole. While there in 1992, my sister had a "real life" ghost encounter during our stay at the Hotel. No joke! I always passed off the "haunted" rumours as rubbish ... until that day. Now, I'm a believer.
  14. BIG TIME fan of Lightning Run here!! Went to KK with very low expectations, but was pleasantly "blown away" by the quality and performance of the new coaster. Nice to hear that they are working on capacity.
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