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  1. Good to hear! Liseberg is really a nice park. Not a good place to work, trust me but still a world class park! Andreas hasn't been in charge for very long but during his time the park really has been doing some true stepping up! I am sure we will see some very big things coming the next few years and since he said "we have something for 2016 so bring it on" to Kolmården we will see a blooming in the amusement industry in sweden the comming years... I am lucky to have the U.S as my second home, cedar fair parks style... But Europe is stepping up and i guess that's due to the economy... Especially sweden..
  2. Depends on the staff and croud. I am sure the staff and Liseberg are doing their best but Helix is a high tech coaster and first of it's kind at least in northern europe. I don't know the reason they took one of the trains to storage at opening, but i guess it was one of the new trains. From what i've heard the lines has been shorter and Helix has been running better this weekend. The hype is over and now i guess Helix will actually be mentioned as the awesome coaster it is instead of all these high expectations wich it lived up to but in different ways than i expected. The scandi tour will be a nice treat for all u guys that live abroad. Balder, Lisebergbanan and Helix ERT... A dream come true! Would actually trade sex for that!
  3. Saturday was a disaster. I guess they just need some time to get used to it and figure out the best way to load and unload the trains, but leaving 3-5 seats empty in each train sure doesn't help reaching that number
  4. It was very unlucky that Helix did have some issues at the opening day. The whole day they were running alot of empty trains and the staff wasn't that good with filling the trains running even seats next to eachother empty. Not good when the line is more than 2 hours wich is alot to be at Liseberg. Anyway i guess they will do better when they have been running it for a while. Now to the ride... I was in heaven while flying through the track. Felt alot more intense than i thought it would but was suprised that it was shaking a lot! Not very smooth at all but i figured we got a train that arrived later and hasn't been doing as many laps as the first one. With the forces in the very back i wouldn't call it family friendly cause it was insane and more of an extreme coaster. Overall i am blown away by this coaster and i live 15 minutes from Liseberg so will have lots of rides this season and i am sure it will only get better as the trains and track get to know eachother a bit more. I am blessed having Lisebergbanan, Balder and Helix in my homepark
  5. Kanonen is probably more intense but it's kinda over before it starts. Everything happens so fast and when it hit the brakes it's like ok, that's all?! Kanonen is an energy package that is over in 30 seconds and puts a smile on your face. Helix will be like the dominator, something you don't mind standing in line for an hour or 2 cause you will actually be able to enjoy it while riding, not just get off thinking "wtf happened?!" Kanonen is good, Helix will be epic lucky me living 15 minutes away from him
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