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  1. Hey Guys, after the great Attraction Deep in Africa and Black Mamba Phantasialand is still going for a new ride in 2007! This banner had been seen today in the Park. http://freizeitparkweb.de/cgi-bin/dcf/dcboard.cgi?az=show_thread&om=2867&forum=DCForumID1&viewmode=all The German Fans speculate about a Huss Topple Tower as an alternative for the old Huss Ikarus "Condor" We´ll see Bye Mario
  2. @Elissa, like Rainer from onride.de told me you´re in contact about a meeting in Movie Park ?! Of course that would be really great but don´t be shocked about all the "crazy german guys" even when they "caught some dolphins" Bye Mario
  3. Hi Robb, if you think BTM at DLP is still a great Mine Train Coaster you get completely right ! At Least of the great Theming work they did ! But check out the Colorado Adventure in Phantasialand during your next ECO ( hope we can join together with all that crazy ACE and onride.de guys ) ! THIS is the wildest Mine Train and I think you will enjoy it ! Bye Mario
  4. Hi, here are some brandnew Photos from the workings at Movie Park Germany ! Hope they will finish everything within 3 weeks ! Anyway the guys from Thinkwell Design & Production are optimistically. http://www.onride.de/viewtopic.php?t=12312&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0&69 Bye Mario
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