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  1. On 5/10/2022 at 4:22 PM, CP_RULES said:

    I really really want to go to KI, but now that TTD down for the season at CP has been confirmed I am not sure. As a non-enthusiast, TTD was a must for him and CP was the icing on the trip.

    I also have HUGE doubts about Mystic Timbers based on my Prowler experience. I would go into it with super low expectations, surely it could beat those. 

    On 5/7/2022 at 3:32 PM, CP_RULES said:

    I am considering an Ohio trip with my husband to introduce him to Cedar Point and we would stop at KI as well. Neither of us have been to KI, but the Beast is a ride I have been wanting to ride for years. Glad to see it get some love instead of being torn out or even RMC'd!

    I love TTD and it sucks that it's closed for the season. I would understand wanting to put off the visit, but you still got MF, Maverick, and SV. SV is worth the visit alone. I'm sure your husband will still have fun want want to go back.

    KI is my second favorite park behind CP. KI has a good coaster collection, good operations, and is aesthetically pleasing. It's definitely worth a visit.

    Mystic Timbers is great and it's one of my favorite wooden coasters. It feels much faster than it is, strong laterals, nice pops of air, and smooth. Really good during the day and even better at night. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    I love The Beast. It's one of my favorite wooden coasters and my favorite at KI. It's more about speed and feeling out of control. Not much airtime to speak of. The helix is one of my favorite moments on a coaster and is lateral bliss. The Beast is a better experience at night and it's my favorite night ride. I would say go in with moderate expectations.

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  2. It can be chilly in May especially if it's windy so bring a sweatshirt or light jacket. Use the Washington St entrance to get in the park faster. You can also exit that way at the end of the day. Get Maxx Force, Goliath, and Joker out of the way first. They have the longest lines due to lower capacity and frequent periods of down time. Ride the other coasters and flats in whatever order you please. Half the coasters are clones so that may help you prioritize. 

  3. My sister and I are thinking about going to Universal for the first time in May. I could use some help planning the trip. Is there public transportation from Orlando International Airport that goes near Universal? How many days at the parks are recommended? Is it more beneficial to buy a season pass vs tickets? We don't know if we will be able to make another trip in the fall. Is it worth it to stay at a resort hotel or is an off site hotel a better option? Is May busy enough to warrant a fast pass? What are the go to places for food? What things do you suggest doing aside from the roller coasters and Harry Potter stuff? I would appreciate advice for anything else I didn't think to ask about too. Thanks.

  4. SFGAm is still offering the basic season pass and the membership tiers. I used the chat function on Friday to inquire about season pass tiers. I was told that season pass tiers are only being offered at select parks and as of now there are no plans to change that. Not the answer I wanted to hear and hopefully passes are expanded soon. The gold season pass is all I want and would like to stick with it.

  5. Yay for costume pics. I didn't see most of the people you got pictures of. I'm a bit surprised considering the reduced capacity. The one slave Leia is SoloRoboto and he makes good props and costumes. His wife is KittQuinn.

    I love how stupid things like putting googly eyes on a standee turn into the Cult of Jon. It's adds to the magic of Dragon Con.

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  6. No worries about not getting a picture.

    I thought people were just going to cosplay as Loki from the movies and the versions on the show. I wasn't really a fan of anything can be a Loki, but I'm happy people had fun with it. Hopefully it's not as common next year because we don't need to add Loki to the over done list with Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Deadpool.

    I got in line for the bunny hutch around 11:45 pm and only had to wait 30 mins to get in. There was about 20ft of people on the sidewalk and I was surprised how fast it moved. You didn't miss much though. The music was decent and the energy was low. 

    Your DigiSuite seems like fun. I have to urge my friends to get their Hyatt suite up and running again. There's new blood in the group so hopefully the increased interest can make it happen.

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  7. 1 hour ago, bert425 said:

    @IntaminLove. . next year, come with us to Vortex as well.  It was nice to meet you. .and for sure a group of us from Queerios (you met some of them on Saturday when you swung by to say hello) are already planning on going to SFOG on Labor Day next year.   They were all iffy this year, until they saw my pictures of how dead the park was.  Then spent the day texting me how sad they were they hadn't come with 😛

    It was nice meeting you too. I'll definitely go with you to Vortex next year. I wanted to go on Wednesday, but plans got screwed up after my group checked in. A few people told me the spectrum party is fun so I'll try to make it to that. If I can get a cheap flight home then I can stay Monday and crash at another friend's room for the night. It would be fun to go to SFOG with you and I have a year to figure it out. I'm looking forward to the rest of your report.

  8. 24 minutes ago, bert425 said:

    the Aquarium is very worth it (but I wouldnt' give up a night of the con to do the "Aquarium night". . we just go the day before con starts, or on Tuesday. . . on Labor Day, I blow off con and go to SFOG, but since they will be open during the week this time (!), will prolly go Wednesday or Thursday during the day.

    as to Vortex?  I'll be there at LEAST 3 times during the week I'm in Atlanta (not the 5 points location, but the Peachtree one). .their food is simply that good, and the place that much fun.

    Good to know about the aquarium night. I've never been to SFOG and I hate that I'm always so close every year. My group arrives Wednesday morning so I'll try my best to go. My friends will probably be annoyed that I'm ditching them for coasters, but they will have to deal with it. One of my friends recently lived in Atlanta for 2 years and said Vortex is great. I only hear good things and it wouldn't hurt to eat one artery clogging burger.

  9. I had to make a late decision to go to the park since most of my upcoming weekends filled up. I went Sunday and was excited even though I knew it was going to be a rough day. My reservation was for 1:00 pm and planned on riding Maxx Force first. It was down with mechanics in the station so I headed to Demon. I waited 20 minutes and the slower speed due to half filled trains was really noticeable after the loops. It crawled through the straight section and had some nice hang time in the corkscrews. I went to American Eagle next and waited an hour. It ran well and is still my second favorite coaster in the park. After that was Goliath and I expected a long wait and it was painful. Running half filled or less trains and slow dispatches made it a 2 hour wait. I had a good ride on my favorite coaster in the park. Maxx Force opened up while I was in line for Goliath so I headed there next. The line wasn't that long, but 4 or 5 breakdowns and running nearly empty trains made it over a 2 hour wait. It's fun and it looks like a crowd pleaser. I think I enjoyed the argument in line more that the cops needed to get involved in. I had a few minutes left before closing so I squeezed in a ride on Whizzer. Good classic family coaster. On the way out employees were giving ticket vouchers to everyone as a courtesy. Because of that I'm going back next Sunday with my sister. I got on all the coasters I prioritized so I call it a win. Hopefully I can get on a bit more next time since I won't be able to go back for a few months.

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  10. 2 hours ago, prozach626 said:

    Sometime the more you ride something the more you warm up to it. You might get there with Orion.

    Also, bravo for making a short TR without one single mention of COVID.

    I've had to warm up to a few coasters before so it's definitely possible. I want to like it more so I'll see what happens. 

    We have to deal with virus life every day and hear about it constantly. Last thing I want to do is talk about it. Plus it didn't affect my visit negatively.

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