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  1. My SFMM name is Nuclear Jump and my BGW name is Leathery Fireball. Both are dumb, but I'm interested in how a leathery fireball would look.


    I haven't been following Tempesto too closely, but is there a problem with the local government that is keeping this from being announced publicly? I'm thinking that BGW might be in a similar situation that SFNE was in with the Dark Knight. This whole thing is odd and hopefully Tempesto operates this season.

  2. Son of Beast. I wish Montel could announce every coaster.


    In all seriousness I'll have to split this into two categories.


    Best lead up to an announcement - Thunderbird. It was fun reading the journal entries for over 60 days looking for clues. Construction was going on at the same time, which made it more fun.


    Best announcement - X. I chose X not for the spectacle, but for the ride itself. A 4D coaster was such a crazy idea and provided a one of a kind experience. I was so excited to go to SFMM in 2002 and ride X. I was very disappointed that I wasn't able to ride it and it still bothers me today. X is my great white buffalo and hopefully I can ride it someday.

  3. Seriously though, if you are ever back in Florida again, look into the "Flex Pass" - It usually last 14 days and gives you unlimited visits to BGT, SeaWorld, Universal, and sometimes some other add-ons. It's makes your visit to these parks MUCH more reasonable!


    Unfortunately I'm on vacation with my parents and they only wanted to go to one park. BGT was the closest and I really wanted to ride Falcon's Fury. Some friends are jealous that I'm in Florida and they want to take a road trip sometime. When that happens we will definitely get Flex Passes and go to all the major parks.

  4. I went to BGT for the first time yesterday and I had a good time. I can't post pictures since I don't have computer access. I might post some when I'm back from my vacation.


    First of all this park is beautiful and well maintained. I enjoyed the aesthetics almost as much as the rides. The individual animal exhibits were some of the most beautiful areas in the park and they put the Chicagoland zoos to shame. The Serengeti Safari was cool, but overpriced. I was a bit mad when I rode the Serengeti Railway later on and saw all of the same animals. The best part was feeding and petting a giraffe.


    All of the employees were very nice and helpful. The park guests were pleasant and I met some cool people. This made me less excited about going to SFGAm this season.


    Besides the Serengeti Railway, I only rode a few flat rides. Skyride is great and it provides some awesome views of the park. It's the longest sky ride I have been on and the only one that changed direction. Falcon's Fury is awesome and now it's my favorite drop tower. This is a must ride.


    Now for the coasters.


    Sand Serpent - I don't like wild mouse coasters and I just rode this for the credit.


    Sheikra - This was my first dive machine and it was slightly better than I expected. The vertical drops had nice airtime and the rest was forceless.


    Cheetah Hunt - I knew going in that this was more of a family coaster and that's an accurate description. I was surprised that the last row was forceless and that was disappointing. The front row had pops of airtime and some decent forces. Cheetah Hunt is a fun and solid coaster.


    Scorpion - This is a deceiving little coaster and I was surprised by the strong forces. I wish I had time for a second ride and I hope to get multiple rides during my next visit.


    Montu - I was really looking forward to Montu because it tops a lot of people's inverted coaster list. I rode in the back row for my first ride and it was rather tame. I expected forces similar to Batman The Ride and Raptor. I couldn't believe Montu had so much hype and I hoped my ride was a fluke. The front row gave me what I was looking for and Montu is one of my favorite inverts. This is a must ride.


    Kumba - I heard good things over the years, but I wasn't sure what to expect. Kumba is a great ride and it's the best coaster at BGT. I liked the back row a bit more than the front, but both rows are great. Kumba's zero g roll is amazing and it's my favorite inversion on any coaster. The cobra roll is also amazing and it's my favorite cobra roll. These inversions made me fall in love with Kumba and I couldn't get enough. This is a must ride and it might be my favorite B&M. Now if only SFGAm could get a clone or something similar.


    BGT is a great park and I can't wait to see what the future holds. I probably won't go back until they get another coaster because this is an expensive park. I hope that happens sooner than later. If you are ever near BGT then I recommend a visit.

  5. You have to also consider, at least from a GP standpoint, Maverick and Fahrenheit would look almost identical. Small trains, intamin track, 90/beyond vertical drop...I just don't see it.




    I am a bit concerned that they are taking out 3 relatively significant family/kids attractions for whatever comes in 2016, (the Theater being the biggest one), so I hope a new exciting show will replace it soon.


    Good Time Theatre is significant because it was the biggest theater. I don't know how popular the ice skating shows were, but I'm sure Cedar Point has a replacement show. Maybe the Luminosity stage will be used for a new daytime show. The Turnpike Cars aren't much of a loss because there are two other antique car rides. I think the Turnpike Cars suffered from their location as well. That area of the park always seems a bit dead to me and I never waited more than 15 minutes to ride. Luckily Calypso and Dodgem are staying and being moved to a relatively high traffic area. I don't think you will be concerned when the season gets rolling.

  6. ^^I don't think anything like Fahrenheit is plausible. I find Fahrenheit an "eh" ride anyway, so I'm hoping for this Dive Coaster! Seeing as CP has been in love with B&M lately, this Dive Coaster looks likely.


    I don't think it's plausible either. I was just saying I would prefer something like Fahrenheit, but I do agree that it's an okay ride. I only rode it once and I think I set my expectations too high. Still I'll take a decent Intamin over a B&M.

  7. Wouldn't mind seeing them take a crack at making mean streak not suck. Bout the only thing cedar point is missing is a really good wooden coaster.


    Cedar Point does have a really good wooden coaster and it's name is Blue Streak. What they are missing is a great wooden coaster. Let's hope in the near future that Mean Streak gets altered in some way or replaced by a new wooden coaster.


    I never had a problem with the restraints on Maverick and I'm curious to see if the new restraints will affect my experience in any way. Regardless it's still going to remain one of my favorite coasters.


    They are opening up a good amount of land for a future attraction. I was going to include a picture of the area, but I couldn't get the file size small enough. I'm not too good with that sort of thing. Anyway, the shape of the new available space makes me think it's for a coaster. If a coaster with a vertical drop is coming then I would much rather it be something like Fahrenheit over a dive machine. It's way too early to tell what's coming, but I'm pretty excited. On a side note I will miss the Turnpike Cars and I hope they find a new home. I would love if one of the cars ended up at my home .


    The new Wicked Twister midway is a nice change and it will bring some more life into that area. It's little things like this that can enhance a guests experience. Good job Cedar Point.

  8. A - American Thunder

    B - Banshee

    C - Cyclone (Luna Park)

    D - Deja Vu (SFGAm)

    E - El Toro (SFGAdv)

    F - Flight of Fear (Kings Island)

    G - Goliath (SFMM)

    H - Hades

    I - Invertigo (Kings Island)

    J -

    K - Kingda Ka

    L - Lightning Racer

    M - Maverick/Millennium Force

    N - Nitro (SFGAdv)

    O - Opa

    P - Pandemonium (SFStL)

    Q -

    R - Raptor (Cedar Point)

    S - Skyrush

    T - Top Thrill Dragster

    U -

    V - Vortex (Kings Island)

    W - Whizzer (SFGAm)

    X - X-Flight (SFGAm)

    Y -

    Z - Zeus

  9. I doubt the park is making any additions next year. If they announce anything it will probably be some weekend event.


    Like others have mentioned I think the park doesn't have a haunt due to a lack of staff. After the season they go off to college or are in high school. I doubt the people who live relatively close want to drive all that way for a weekend job. I'm ruling out the weather because it doesn't get that cold. If Valleyfair and Canada's Wonderland can deal with the weather then MiA can too. I don't know anything about a sound ordinance, but I would be a bit surprised if there was one. I would like to see the park try a haunt someday, but it may never happen.

  10. Shockwave being replaced with Superman and Deja Vu being replaced with Bucaneer Battle at Great America.


    I was going to post the same thing. Seeing Shockwave and hearing the screams when entering the parking lot got me excited to ride coasters. It was a bit of a headbanger, but it was a thrilling ride. Superman's thrill factor pales in comparison. Deja Vu is my all time favorite SFGAm ride so I was really sad to see it go. I still get mad every time I see Buccaneer Battle.


    Removing Looney Tunes National Park at SFGAm for the relocated go-carts - a very bad move IMO.


    The go kart ridership seemed to decline in the years leading up to the Hurricane Harbor expansion and I thought they were gone for good. I was shocked to see that the go karts replaced Looney Tunes National Park. The park removed the best kids area in the park and I believe that spot has had a kids area since 1976. The park must have thought that putting the go karts in a high traffic area would generate more money and that makes sense. It doesn't seem to have worked and it's a big eyesore. Sadly I don't think the go karts are going away anytime soon.


    This may not be the worst, but I'll mention removing Great American Scream Machine for Green Lantern.

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