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  1. ^ You are correct and they had 6 when Disaster Transport was there. I believe they are also the Arrow capital with 5 coasters. That's pretty crazy.


    Wouldn't it be great if Hershey stayed w/ them for the next two big coasters? Would that make the park the Intamin capital of the world, as Great Adv is w/ B&Ms? I might just consider moving to Hershey, PA lol (and thats huge for a city boy like me!)


    If that happened then I would have to move somewhere between Cedar Point and Hersheypark.

  2. Goliath is fun, but it leaves something to be desired. It would be dumb if SFGAdv got an RMC, especially one similar to Goliath. The park should get a GCI to fill the void left by Rolling Thunder Instead of another intense wooden coaster.


    If a launch coaster is in the works then I hope it's from Intamin. Something on par with Maverick and iSpeed would be awesome. I would be fine with a Premier coaster too.


    A giga coaster would be great, but I don't see that happening for a while. The possible locations for a new coaster are not big enough for a giga. Hopefully the coaster gods bless SFGAdv with an Intamin giga in the future.


    Lastly, please no more B&M. This park doesn't need anymore for a long time. SFGAm is my home park and they are a little B&M crazy too. I feel your pain guys and I will send positive thoughts your way .

  3. Hey gang! Back again!


    Outside of coasters (obviously) and most of the other big rides, are there are things that are can't miss opportunities? (an obscure small ride, or an especially tasty snack unique to the park?)




    Have you been to Cedar Point before? I ask because it's in your signature and your answer could help me give you a better answer. For now, I'll answer as if you haven't been to the park. Since you narrowed down the rides so much only a few things come to mind. The only ride that I would consider a can't miss opportunity is the Cedar Downs because it's one of two racing carousels in the U.S. I'm not a big fan of carousels, but Cedar Downs is pretty fun.


    If you like to take pictures and or video then here are some can't miss picture opportunities. Rides I recommend are Sky Ride, Giant Wheel and the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad. A non ride activity is a walk on lakefront path from Wicked Twister to Magnum. People get so occupied by everything inside Cedar Point that they forget about the lakefront. You will get some great views and it's a nice way to break up your day.

  4. If im correct, I think it is only used maybe once a year for Spirit song. I do agree with your statement though. They could possibly relocate Invertigo to somewhere else in the park and maybe get rid of Congo or move it possibly? That would open up room for maybe a KI version of Gatekeeper maybe!? Maybe re-locating it to Rivertown and have them demo Tomb Raider/ The Crypt Building and moving Invertigo there. This is only MY THOUGHTS. I would say though if we get a new coaster it would probably be in 2017. That is if Cedar Point gets the rumored Dive Machine because like we all know, Kings Island usually gets a new coaster 1 year after Cedar Point ( Hopefully)!


    I agree that a new coaster is a few years away and I was just throwing out an idea for a possible front gate renovation. I didn't include Invertigo and Congo Falls because I think the Timberwolf Amphitheater would open up enough room. If more room is needed then Congo Falls could be relocated to Rivertown and Invertigo to X-Base. Those rides are small enough that they could be relocated to many places in the park. What I would like to see before any of this is a major thrill ride and we all know a dark ride is in the plans. I could see it going into The Crypt building, but it would need to be expanded. A slide complex for Soak City is another possibility.

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if a standard or launched wing coaster is coming. Wing coasters seem to be gaining popularity and SFGAdv likes B&M. A wing coaster would also be unique to the region. I wouldn't get excited if this happened because the wing riders I have been on aren't too thrilling. My opinion doesn't matter and the park will add what they think will be a crowd pleaser. I love coasters so I would ride it every visit like I do with the other coasters.


    Here's what I would rather have the park add. If winged seating is desired, then a Intamin wing rider would be cool. I would be more in favor of an Intamin launched coaster in the likes of Maverick and iSpeed. One can dream.

  6. If I had to choose only one park then it would be Riverview Park in Chicago. Riverview had so many great looking rides and attractions. Everyone I have talked to who used to go their as kids loved it. It's a shame that one of the worlds most iconic parks is gone forever. Now the closest you can get to going to Riverview is walking on the remaining undeveloped property. You can walk on some of the midways and see some foundations. If you're in Chicago then I would recommend talking that walk. I know it will never happen, but I wish someone would take over the Riverview II project. That would be amazing

  7. I have only been on three stand ups and Mantis was my favorite. It has a good layout so that made standing up more enjoyable. I think the problem with stand ups is that people choose to sit rather than stand. You have to stand up in order to feel the strong gs on your legs and feet. It's a strange yet fun sensation. Plus you avoid the uncomfortable bicycle seat. Standing up is fun and uncommon, but I'll take a seated position any day. I'll miss Mantis, but I know Rougarou will be a superior ride. I think it may even end up being my favorite floorless.

  8. I'm really looking forward to this too. I love all the B&M sitdown/floorless coasters I've ridden, and Rougarou might now be a fantastic ride to marathon while everyone else is as Millennium Force, Dragster, or Maverick.


    Mantis always had a line and now will have a longer one. Good luck with your marathoning:)


    Every time I've been to Cedar Point Mantis had a line. The shortest I ever saw it was 45 minutes and the longest was 2.5 hours. Usually it was always around 1.75 hours. That's why I was initially surprised that Mantis was getting new trains in order to improve the experience. I think an average 1.75 hour line suggests that people enjoyed the current experience and I include myself in that. As far as the marathon goes good luck. The only time I can see that being a possibility is on Fridays during Halloweekends. That's when I hope to get plenty of rides.

  9. Edit: ^ Beat me to it. I'm excited to see what the concepts will be for Cedar Point and Kings Island. Cedar Point is probably a few years away from receiving a dark ride since it appears that a coaster is coming next year. Kings Island may be the next large park to get a dark ride, but that's just a hunch. I'm really intrigued about Michigan's Adventure possibly receiving a dark ride, simply due to it's size and location. I'll be surprised if Michigan's Adventure gets a dark ride and the concept should be interesting...

  10. I was just wondering if someone can help me out with some park history. I know Goliah is where Iron Wolf stood, and SUF is where Shockwave was, where was Deja Vu located?? Is it where X-Flight stands now??


    Goliath is in Z-Force/Iron Wolf's former location.

    Batman: The Ride is in Tidal Wave's former location.

    Superman: Ultimate Flight is in Shockwave's former location.

    X-Flight is in Splashwater Falls/Great America Raceway's former location.

    Buccaneer Battle is in DejaVu/Sky Whirl/Haybaler's former location.

  11. Thanks everyone for posting your reviews and pictures!


    I think Raging Bull is a better Hyper/Giga from B&M


    This is the only surprising comment I have read so far. I assume it's been a while since you last rode Raging Bull


    With the exception of Banshee I know what to expect from B&M. Fun, but not thrilling coasters. I think Fury 325 looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait to ride it someday. I love airtime machines as much as the next guy, but it doesn't bother me that Fury 325 is more about speed. I also love speed machines like Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster. I know I'm going to like Fury 325 and I don't care if it doesn't end up in my top ten. I consider myself a jaded enthusiast and I enjoyed Disaster Transport for what it was.


    For those who have ridden Steel Dragon 2000, how does it compare to Fury 325?

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