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  1. I mean, I would count Boardwalk Bullet as a somewhat legit wood coaster. Just Sayin'. This is very interesting, and bizzar(O) all at once. Pretty pumped though to see what happens. No doubt! I'm really curious to see the end result. I live about 20 mins away from the Bullet and I like it. I don't know that I would want them to change it up just to entice. BUT, I'm excited to see what happens.
  2. Since Texas doesn't have that many big wooden coasters, it's kind of disappointing to see it lose it's authenticity. However, it's exciting to see major refurbs happen to it. I'm really excited to see the outcome. I wish they would redo The Rattler (and of course do away with the stupid helix crap). I rode it (Rattler) before the redo and the drop and fan turn was much better before. That's another conversation, though.
  3. ^Do you know how long Bullet is going to be down for maintenance? Surely not until Spring Break?!?
  4. We drove by this afternoon to check out the Boardwalk (haven't been there since Ike hit) and I asked one of the ride-op's what was going to happen. He told me that everything but Chaos (which the new carousel is in it's place) and the Crazy Sub (my son's favorite ride) would be replaced. Also a drop ride similar to Dungeon Drop.
  5. I remember seeing some reallyold movie where a guy was riding and got shot while on it. Does anyone remember this or am I making it up?
  6. Natalie - Never have I enjoyed a report such as yours...Kudos! The pic and caption of the "butt stomach" sealed the deal. Looking forward to your next trip!
  7. I was supposed to be at the shoot, but something came up and I had to back out. I really wish I was able to go. It looked like fun.
  8. Help me out anyone. I rode the Boardwalk Bullet today for the first time. I know it recenvetly re-opened (since Friday?). One of the ops told me that they retracked one portion of the ride. I rode it 5 times: twice all by myself on the train, twice with two other people, and once with four others. The park was really barren. Anyway, I don't have anything to compare it to since it opened up. I know wooden coasters are rough, but has it smoothed out since the reopen? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the quick replies!
  10. THe last time I went to Disney World was in 1992 for my honeymoon. Now, we are planning on taking our 3-year old (actually 1 month shy of being 3) in November. I remember I rode a submarine ride, but I don't see it listed as an attraction. I know they turned the "Leagues" ride into a "Nemo" ride in California. What happened to the one in Florida? Thanks, The Leija's
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