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  1. Monday - Six Flags New England


    On Monday morning, we headed out early from my Nana's house to drive 4 hours from Pennsylvania back up to Connecticut so we could go to Six Flags New England. Of course we were an hour late in getting there because we were having printer issues at home so I had to borrow my neighbors printer.


    Of course we had to make a WAWA!! pit-stop off US-202 in New Jersey


    Representing New England


    Quick stop at the homestead of the Yankee


    Entering Agawam, MA. From that point, it's 1000feet to SFNE.


    Kyle on the tram


    My sister, Erica also on the tram


    And of course, me


    Decending into the entrance plaza for SFNE


    A few closed attractions at the park today


    Feels like Christmas


    the Main Street of SFNE is always decorated as The Graveyard for the park.


    Part of the graveyard


    Woooo! James got me some Rice Candy. I love Rice Candy


    James met up with us at SFNE


    I love the "Some Assembling Required" for the hot dogs at SFNE


    Erica loves the soggy french fries


    James and Erica love Cyclone soo much, they started climbing the structure


    Kyle: Are you guys tricking me into riding the back seat of Cyclone?

    Erica: Of course not. *thinking to self: hell yeah*


    Yeah, there was a line for Great Chase...But hey, we got two laps out of it without getting off.


    Pandemonium had a line...


    So we got in the "Single Riders" line


    Kyle and James about to get off Pandemonium


    Rockville, USA is turned into Roswell's "Area 51" haunted area


    SFNE relocated this sign so that it points towards Splash Water Falls entrance than Poland Springs Plunge old entrance.


    I heard that Thunderbolt should be getting some paint for the 2007 season


    The Red Train is on the storage track. I found out they actually rotate every season in using the two trains.


    Group photo in the station of Superman: Ride of Steel


    The girl had such a deer in headlights expression on her face.


    Walking out the exit of SFNE.


    Ok, I'm done now, you guys can post.

  2. Sunday - Six Flags Great Adventure


    After having a terrible night of sleeping, we got up at 6:30am and started driving out to Six Flags Great Adventure. Now, I found some posts that stated that the weekend before us was dead and the friday before sunday was dead. However! Sunday was really packed, even Rolling Thunder had a friggin line (at least 45 minutes). We were at the park from 10:15 - 6:30pm and we only managed to get four rides in, Kingda Ka, Log Flume, Nitro, and El Toro.


    Now for Photos.


    Walking into SFGAdv


    Hmmm, I guess every fountain is red


    oooo, the circus...


    Typical Kingda Ka photo


    I'm so enthusiastic about waiting for 2hours for Kingda Ka


    Kyle is also enthusiastic


    A train launching on Kingda Ka


    Crap, well I'm in the wrong line.


    Rolling Thunder and El Toro


    The line for El Toro went to the right and around the corner


    Mmmmm, very good taco salad


    I love taco salad's


    He's Back! Just like the Backstreet Boys


    What's a log flume? I've never seen one at SFNE


    Kyle almost got breast attacked by me


    Clown: I love children; come kiddies, I got candy and a merry-go-round, and Michael Jackson


    the girls of Driving Force are advertising new makeup


    mmmm, a train running like glass on El Toro

  3. Hey guys, finally got home in Connecticut with a internet connection so now I gotta sort through well over 200 photos of the trip since both Kyle and I took a lot of photos.



    Saturday - Knoebels


    Saturday morning I picked up Kyle at Bradley International, then after a quick Stop & Shop run, we headed straight down to Knoebels for PPP where we camped for one night and had a blast with Danny, Kristen (I got it right this time!), Kip, Neil, and another guy.


    Quick Highlights of PPP

    - Amazing PPP this year

    - 14 consecutive circuit runs on High Speed Thrill Coaster

    - PPP Pizza was amazing! I wasn't disgusted by it this year.


    Now onto the photos


    Heading into Bradley Interational Airport to pick up Kyle


    Somewhere on I-84 Westbound in New York heading out to Knoebels


    Driving through Scranton, PA (Wooo, The Office is based here)


    Kyle says hello


    After setting up our tent, we went right over to Knoebels


    Flying Turns is really coming along great


    Section of track for Flying Turns


    Flying Turns Continued


    Mmmmm, that looks like it's going to be a sweet ride


    Another shot of Flying Turns


    Wooo, I'm up and close with Flying Turns


    People signing the boards of wood


    Me signing the wood


    I left my mark on Flying Turns


    Kyle also signing the board


    Heading up the Skyride


    Everyone all together now "Awwwwww"


    On the decent of the skyride


    Looking down at Twister, Phoenix, and the rest of Knoebels


    We ran into the Neil.


    Uh-Oh, Kyle is scared of the pending ride in the Haunted House


    He was scared, awwww


    Pizza at Knoebels. OMG, they rebounded soo much since last year.


    The group from left to right, Danny, Me, Kyle, Kristen, and Kip


    Typical Phoenix shot of Knoebels


    The zombie lady (Who's a third grade teacher) hitted on Neil.


    Danny, Kristen, and Neil just wuv Pheonix


    The "Coaster Zombies" group was the greatest costumed coaster group that were at PPP


    Kyle and I


    Granny did not share her delicious food that was cooking in the station of Twister.


    Group shot


    Our group owned at the Flyers, they had to slow the ride down because we were all snapping.




    It isn't a Knoebels PTR without me sexing up the north pole.


    I wonder where Danny and Kristen learned how to pole dance


    Group Shot #2


    Zombie got me tangled in her chains


    Typical hand slappage on Pheonix


    Ted was "Fat Bat"


    "I'm Fat Bat! I'm too heavy so I can't swing from building to building....so I just ride coasters to get my thrills"


    Sneak attack photo of the group in the station for Phoenix


    The clown seems happy for some reason


    Another great costume


    Me and the drag queen


    With high heels and amazing leg warmers


    Time for our 14 lap run on High Speed Thrill Coaster. Yes, it wasn't planned. The ride-op, just kept it on full speed and we went around 14 times. He almost fried the engine for doing it, so the next people in line sadly only got 8 laps.


    Kyle loves High Speed Thrill Coaster


    Going over the top of the lift hill


    Kyle and one of the peeps that hung out with us (I sadly forgot his name) on Power Surge


    Kristen and Neil on Power Surge


    We got our own car on the train


    Personal shot of myself on the train


    Typical Evening shot of Knoebels


    I wish I could drive a boat


    Kyle in line for Phoenix


    Sneak attack photo of Danny


    Sneak attack photo of Neil


    Kristen, Kyle, and Neil again in line for Pheonix


    Kyle attempting to start our campfire which failed sadly.


    and a shot of the flyers at night.

  4. Well, I got recent pics of my dorm room, so I can show those


    Pic of me sitting at my desk


    the view from my window.


    Closeup of some of my coaster stuff


    A shot of my bottle redemption collection. Because every college student who lives in a state where they got bottle deposits, they need to have a bottle redemption collection.


    My roommates and my TVs and our mini fridge in my closet


    My desk


    Looking into the room

  5. ^ Hmm... I don't know all the iPod 'generations', but here's my experience with them.


    My Mini worked okay... but then it started having silly problems like not allowing me to play purchased songs. To this date it still works, but its battery life has been terrible since I got it. It lasts less that 20 minutes now, and it didn't last long after the day I got it. I didn't feel like spending a crapload of money to get the battery replaced, and instead bought a new Nano.


    My Nano (first issue), however, has worked perfectly this entire time. No problems whatsoever, and the battery still has the life that it originally had... no complaints.


    You know your mini should have had a year warrenty on it. You could have sent it back to get it replaced.


    oh, quick update. i went to best buy this morning and I invested in a 30GB iPod video for $249


    My new one next to my old one which will act like a deterent against ipod problems. Like what I did with my shot motherboard

  6. For the past few days, my 4th generation ipod has been giving me a lot of problems. Problems like not playing songs and simply locking up, requiring me to restart the ipod and try to play the song again. Tonight, itunes wasn't able to connect to the ipod and when I tried playing something, the ipod wouldn't list any songs. It seemed like my hard drive. Probably from the numerous times I've hit the thing to get the hard drive to kick back into gear.


    Well. this was pretty much the last straw, as you'll see in this video my friend Nick filmed for me.


    Note: Video contains me swearing one word, so this is PG-13 and was pre-approved before posting.


    Now onto the photos


    Hmmm, I wonder what that piece goes to


    protective hard drive casing?


    Something you'd expect to get when the ipod falls at least 4 floors


    oops, the backing fell right off on impact


    you can glue that back on....


    That let's the hard drive breath so it doesn't overheat. Typical apple design


    again, those hard drive shards can be glued back together. Hey, I think that's one of my reel big fish songs on that piece. That one, the one next to that other one, don't you see it?


    Another piece of technology feels the wrath of my anger.

  7. Great TR Ryan. Brings back memories of my days in Ceramics class where we didn't build Haunted Mansions....we built big ass tea kettles.


    I also probably beat everyone where with having the smallest school size...


    240 kids (when I was there) 9-12. Graduating class of 55 kids back in 2003


    Here's the kettle btw

  8. Connecticut has this ban too, but we call it more like Handheld Prohibition.


    Here's an excerpt from an article I found on wtnh.com

    The cell phone law carries a $100 fine. It also bans the use of other devices that can distract drivers, including I-PODS and Blackberries.


    We even got a higher fine. We are allowed handsfree devices and they do make a big difference. I notice when I'm talking with a handfree device, my eyes stay straight on the road so it looks like I'm talking to myself.

  9. Awwww, shame you guys missed out on Lake Compounce. They're very cautious when it comes to weather, where as SFNE will at least open but may close early because of the rain.


    But I will say this, when Lake Compounce is open, the operations are amazing, the staff is very friendly, boulder dash is the shiznit, and the food is great. It is a very family oriented park.


    So be sure to hit LC again when you come back down this way.

  10. Another fantastic TR!!!!


    'American Size Small' I'm still laughing!!!


    Stupid George Foreman Grill ride, that thing is just wrong!


    I was waiting for someone to say that about Nightwing. The damn ride can squeeze the fat out of you like the foreman grill. To enjoy the ride, it's better to watch from the midway and hear the agonizing groans of all the guys as they get locked into place.


    Anyway, thanks for loving my homepark, SFNE. I would have joined you since my house is 20 minutes from the park over in Connecticut, but I'm in Maine now for school.


    It's a shame you didn't like Cyclone, that ride was so much better with the original drop and minus the trims. But when it comes to being very violent, that's Cyclone's trademark which makes it a fun ride for most SFNE regulars.


    Next time you guys go to SFNE, might I recommend looking for hotels in Windsor Locks, CT off route 75. That's where all the better quality hotels are since they're near the airport and such.


    can't wait for your Lake Compounce TR.

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