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  1. Out of all of those themes I feel that the pirates stick out the most. The American Eagle, Revolution and X-Flight, make sense in a fair. (At least to me they do.) But yeah, County Fair has always been a mess, or at least since I've been alive and at the park.
  2. I actually hope they remove it. Because why on earth are pirates hanging out in a county fair.
  3. Well Ragin' Cajun is leaving the park. (unless SFA is just getting a copy)
  4. Do you want the ride to suck? Although I think a name like Grizzly would be a nice name for a wooden coaster, plus it's right next to Yukon Territory. When I was young I thought Iron Wolf was in Yukon Territory so why not this Slight Themeing YAY!
  5. Iron Wolf for sure, when it was announced it was being removed I remember a lot of people saying good it hurt me blah blah blah. I personally found it to be a pretty smooth ride, then again it might have been because i'm young and spry. Also Demon from the same SFGAm it was my first looping experience so it has a close bond with me. It still one of my favorites not as much for the ride but the scenery around it. A lot of cool tunnels and rock structures, plus it has it's own theme song (even thought it's not played much anymore). I know that it will be on the chopping block if SFGAm looks to build a newer coaster, but i'm having hope that if in the future the decide they want to build a premier launch, that they will use the former structures of the Demon, maybe even called it the same name.
  6. Screamscape rumors are saying the ride will have " a unique name all to itself", this would make me very happy.
  7. 2 questions because I can't tell for sure in the picture. 1. Are the building a new queue or using the old one? I personally hope the change the queue 2. Are they adding on to the Station? Because I can't tell if that's the break run.
  8. Wonder what will be teased.... probably something to do with County Fair, I hope not though
  9. 1 hour to go! What do you hope will be talked about during the meeting? For me I hope they talk about the footprint this ride will take up.
  10. 2 questions. 1. What time is the Town Hall Meeting? 2. I heard a rumor that someone is streaming it, is there any truth to this and where may I locate it?
  11. I agree, Goliath is an over used and imo a really lame name for a wooden coaster. If my dreams came true they would name it Grizzly and have it be a park of the Yukon Territory. The reason Yukon Territory is because that section of the park has a no big attractions apart from Loggers Run. A Wooden Coaster would also fit in with the theme of Yukon Territory (Unlike County Fair, which is now just a clusterf*#k of random rides.... actually Buccaneer Battle is the only out of place themed thing I can think of....) plus from what it looks like the ride will be mostly located on the part of the park. But that is just my "How SFGAm should be" Along with Dark Knight Coaster being themed to Scooby Doo (Aimed more for the Familys, instead of Nolan's edgy batman...... sorry i'm rambling again....) In conclusion, It should be named something else other than Goliath, but if that's the name i'm ok with it.
  12. I think Goliath is almost a for sure thing now. The rock that gets smashed in the end looks like the rock used for the text of Goliath in SFMM and SFoG, so it would surprise me on the announcement video if the text Goliath smashed through the rocks. Also in the second clip it starts at GIANT Drop, David is in BIG trouble. Goliath was a Giant man....
  13. In the first video after cam 72, it switches to cam 85. 81 is the steepest angle of a wooden coaster. Also in the second video, it switches from 5 to 8 to 29 to 2013. So 8/29/2013 is the date of the announcement, but what about the 5? Number of Inversions? Record is 3. 72 mph, 85 degree drop, and 5 inversions.
  14. I'm really glad that it's not a launch coaster. I do want a launch coaster don't get me wrong, I just don't want it there. What would be awesome though is when they remove Demon (It's really a matter of when not if, not that I don't like the ride) they do somewhat of a redo and build a brand new Multi-Launch throughout Demons old layout. It would be awesome to shoot out of the Tunnel of Lights, they could add other special effects and keep it themed to the Demon! The Demons gonna getcha! But back to the point really excited for this ride, for it will probably become the Best Wooden Coaster in the World.
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