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  1. Out of all of those themes I feel that the pirates stick out the most. The American Eagle, Revolution and X-Flight, make sense in a fair. (At least to me they do.) But yeah, County Fair has always been a mess, or at least since I've been alive and at the park.
  2. I actually hope they remove it. Because why on earth are pirates hanging out in a county fair.
  3. Well Ragin' Cajun is leaving the park. (unless SFA is just getting a copy)
  4. Do you want the ride to suck? Although I think a name like Grizzly would be a nice name for a wooden coaster, plus it's right next to Yukon Territory. When I was young I thought Iron Wolf was in Yukon Territory so why not this Slight Themeing YAY!
  5. Iron Wolf for sure, when it was announced it was being removed I remember a lot of people saying good it hurt me blah blah blah. I personally found it to be a pretty smooth ride, then again it might have been because i'm young and spry. Also Demon from the same SFGAm it was my first looping experience so it has a close bond with me. It still one of my favorites not as much for the ride but the scenery around it. A lot of cool tunnels and rock structures, plus it has it's own theme song (even thought it's not played much anymore). I know that it will be on the chopping block if SFGAm looks to build a newer coaster, but i'm having hope that if in the future the decide they want to build a premier launch, that they will use the former structures of the Demon, maybe even called it the same name.
  6. Screamscape rumors are saying the ride will have " a unique name all to itself", this would make me very happy.
  7. 2 questions because I can't tell for sure in the picture. 1. Are the building a new queue or using the old one? I personally hope the change the queue 2. Are they adding on to the Station? Because I can't tell if that's the break run.
  8. Wonder what will be teased.... probably something to do with County Fair, I hope not though
  9. 1 hour to go! What do you hope will be talked about during the meeting? For me I hope they talk about the footprint this ride will take up.
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