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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Last month a row was closed off on one of the trains, but the next day both trains were running normally with all rows open. IR was open Labor Day and everything was fine. Yesterday there were no trains on the tracks or even in the station. Now it is closed probably until Spring Break. Perhaps the lawyers in Arlington got an injunction against that type of ride operating anywhere?

  2. My partner and I spent the day in the park also and were shocked that the Iron Rattler was closed. The only good thing was that they had an ERT for passmembers on Goliath from 1030 until 1130. Got to ride the front seat 3 times in less than an hour during the ERT.

    Did something happen on Labor Day that damaged the IR?

    Did they close it because they expected a smaller crowd between Labor Day and Fright Fest?

    The other rides were open even though Superman Krypton Coaster didn't open right away. The crowds were light.

    I rode 11 rides and 10 of those within 4 hours.

  3. G'day mates,

    My name is Lou and I joined on 16 August so I am a little late introducing myself. I like extreme rides like riding skycoasters, bungee jumping, sling shot, skyscraper, flying in ultralites, parasailing and of course roller coasters. I live in Corpus Christi TX. The parks I have visited are Glen Echo near Washington DC (now closed), SFAW (now closed), Busch Gardens Tampa, Disney Orlando, SeaWorld San Antonio, SFOT and SFFT.


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