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  1. I am trying another kind of track besides the one above that will be more accurate, but not exact as the game does not have enough variety of track pieces to make it perfect. I have finished the track with the extended coaster track but still need to add the wood supports which will take a while as each piece must be done separately. Here is how it looks now without the wood supports and station.


    Iron Rattler With Extended Track (still need to add wood supports)


    Another View Of Revised Iron Rattler With Extended Track (still need to add wood supports)

  2. I made this after riding the Iron Rattler 78 times this summer. Here is a video of the simulation using track pieces available in RCT3:


    This was my first attempt at the Iron Rattler. Later in this thread you can see my final version using extended track.


    Iron Rattler With Looping Track


    Another View Of Iron Rattler With Looping Track

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