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  1. Thanks for the thorough response. I somehow missed the 2 pass, free parking option. Putting it all together I'd only save about $10.00 if I followed my original plan. Not nearly the savings I thought it would be. It would probably be better to get 2 season passes, and that way both of us could go to the park Sunday evening (I doubt we could get there before 6:30, so having to pay for parking shouldn't be a problem), and maybe even get a ride or two in. Mark
  2. If your pass has parking you can go to guest relations and get it refunded once your pass is processed. I've done that when I needed to get a replacement pass. Or! Get it online and the print out is good for parking. Thanks, After looking at this some more, the free parking option may be the way to go. Mark
  3. Thanks for the info, Glad to know this option should work smoothly. Mark
  4. Hi all, Me and a friend are flying into LAX on Sunday August 21st, and heading to Magic Mountain on Monday, and Tuesday the 22nd, and 23rd. We'll be arriving late Sunday afternon in Santa Clarita where we are staying. We are getting Season Passes (or maybe just one, see below) since that is cheaper than buying regular tickets for two days. Since we'll get there Sunday before the park closes at 8:00pm, I thought we might drive to the park, and get our Season Passes taken care of, so we don't have to do it Monday. Does anyone know if they will charge us for parking so close to closing time? I would hate to get there around 7:00pm, and find out I have to pay $20.00, just to park for an hour or so. Is there a chance that they will have stopped processing season passes earlier in the day, and I won't even be able to do that Sunday night, just before closing? About season passes, we were planning on getting two season passes for this Magic Mountain trip, however looking at the list of Season Pass Perks, there are two perks which it looks like we could use, and then only have to buy one season pass... >> Bring a Friend Free Weekdays August 8-26 (one coupon, Passholders must choose one date within the time period to visit) >> Bring a Friend for Half Price (Passholders get one coupon each month – July, August, September) With these two perks, one of us could use the season pass both days, and the other one could use the "get in free August" perk on Monday, and then use the "half price August" perk on Tuesday. Can we do it this way, or is there some small print rule where you can only use one perk a week, or on non-consecutive days, or something like that? I also assume that we would have to get the season pass processed, before we could take advantage of the perk on Monday, which is another reason I'd like to take care of the season pass Sunday night. Thanks
  5. This is a reply to an old message, but I don't believe anyone had an explanation for what is happening. There is a bug in RCT3 that causes peeps to get stuck on some rides after you load a saved game. For instance I have a coaster that ends underground, and I use elevators to transport the peeps back to the surface. At some point I found that hundreds of peeps were trapped underground waiting for the three elevators (which were all full). None of the peeps would exit when the elevators came to the unloading station. The only solution was to close the ride, and re-open it. Then all the peeps on board would appear at the exit. I finally figured out what was causing this. If there are 5 peeps on the elevator and I save the game and exit, then I reload that park, the 5 peeps that were on the elevator when I saved the game are now stuck on the elevator. This bug also effects the drop tower ride, and maybe more rides. After loading a saved game I'll check each of these rides to make sure there are no peeps stuck on them. If there are, I close and reopen the ride to clear them out. edit: Removed the reference to the monorail. This bug does not affect it, as I originally stated.
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