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  1. Does anyone have the Door Custom scenery items, tunnels, or any of Dark Ride Persons sets? I'm starting to get back into rct3 but most of the links to the custom scenery doesn't work! If there's a certain site that has working links or if someone has most of the packs, please let me know! Thanks! -Cody
  2. I think they should add audio and do like a rock theme or some sort of music theme to the ride. I was bored and made a video of Scream! with Cobra Starship playing on it if you want to watch. Tell me what you think Scream! POV Cobra Starship
  3. I was in line for Terminator Salvation at Magic Mountain and the lady behind me asked her friend if it was a wooden roller coaster and was shocked that it was. She wasn't being sarcastic.
  4. Your friend Chuck, I saw that guy when i went last weekend! He was workin at California Screamin'
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