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  1. Wow, what a dickish thing to say. A complete and perfect example of why can't stand the majority of the Disneyland's AP clientele. Oh, gee... I'm so sorry that the rules of the park weren't made specifically for YOU. Here's a pro tip. If you any figure out how to use FastPass, and make it work to your advantage, even with them now enforcing a rule that has been there since day one ... You're dumb. End of story. Name calling?? Really?? That's how you communicate if you don't like someone else's opinion? Would you tolerate people calling you names on here? Most discussion websites don't appreciate that kind of behavior so why don't you show the same standard of respect... Don't dish it out unless you can take it when it comes back!!!
  2. Man I hate cedar fair's height requirements..Coast Rider has a 44" requirement instead of 42"...only 2 inches but it is enough to cause my son not to be able to ride it this summer, even though he has ridden other similar rides at DCA, Legoland, etc... What makes it worse is we have season passes and he watched it being built and can't wait for it to open...Looks like he is going to get another lesson in patience...
  3. Finally some capital being spent there!!! I haven't been to the park in a few years but can't wait to ride GS...GCI rarely disappoints..
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