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  1. I remember standing along Parvin road watching the Orient Express being torn down. That sucked, but it needed to come down.
  2. Worlds Of Fun 1980 The Orient Express 1984 The Fury Of The Nile 1986 Omegatron
  3. Have you been to WOF before, or will this be your first visit? This will be my first visit down Will you be doing other things here in Kansas City? Or will it be a WOF only trip?
  4. Yes, Fast Lane gets you to the station (bypasses the queue lines), where you then can choose your row. Perfect! That's my favorite set up. Thank you again! Really looking forward to visiting for the first time. I think you'll really enjoy it. I bought these 2 t-shirts the last time I was there. The Zambezi Zinger was the first rollercoaster I ever rode, the Orient Express was my first upside down coaster the year it was built.
  5. www.worldsoffun.org/ Fun little site showing the previous rides and attractions at WOF
  6. School is out here in KC as far as crowds, it will depend on the weather.
  7. I'm disappointed the Steelhawk hasn't opened yet. I was going to go this weekend.
  8. Did this happen at Kings Dominon? I said something very similar earlier...A "dad" called his own son a pussy for having second thoughts about Dominator ...Could we have witnessed the same exact thing? No it was Worlds of Fun, my girlfriend almost said something to the dad, but she left it alone because it would have ended up being a big deal.
  9. The thing I was annoyed at the last time I was at a theme park was a dad calling his 10 year old son a ***** for not wanting to ride a fairly large roller coaster. It actually made me mad as hell.
  10. I'm going the first weekend of June. Hopefully they have the new ride open.
  11. I had my cousin tell me that riding the bumpy wooden rollercoasters would damage my sperm count.
  12. I haven't been to Silver Dollar City in nearly 30 years. I'm going there in August.
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