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  1. Gotcha. It's good to see this one is a bit different from any one like it before. Otherwise I'd think it'd be quite a waste unless it was 400-500 ft' tall like Lex Luthor at SFMM.
  2. Anyone see Millennium Force up in Heaven at the end of This Is the End?
  3. It took them long enough to announce it. I remember hearing drop tower rumors in Feb. 2012 that it would be for this year.
  4. Dback is the most efficient roller coaster I've ever experienced. I'd imagine Behemoth and Intimidator are capable of the same exact efficiency as well. I'm not sure about Leviathan just because when I watched the POV, it seemed to take an incredibly long time for the train to make it from the station to the top of the lift.
  5. Could somebody tell me if there is early entrance at KD? I'm considering a trip later this summer coming from Indianapolis and would want to make use of my platinum pass for early entrance if they have it. Is it at 9:00 or 9:30 if they have it?
  6. If Ouimet already confirmed there's going to be no wingriders at any CF parks next year, why are we even considering the option that it's going to happen? I really hope it's not a wing coaster. In my opinion, they aren't special enough for one to be put in KI a year after one goes in at CP 200 miles away. Also, does anyone remember when the name "Banshee" was initially given to Mantis at CP and then changed because there was some controversy over what the meaning of a banshee is? If they do name the ride this, what's to say it won't get the same controversy and have to be changed agai
  7. So we can expect to see another wing rider pop up in a park next year? Probably at Six Flags and definitely not at a Cedar Fair park. I wonder if those dark green supports go with the wing rider track or if they could possibly be for KI 2014.
  8. I'm really looking forward to seeing track start to arrive, but I don't imagine any of it will begin to arrive until late July at the earliest.
  9. Is it fair to say that once track arrives we will be able to determine if it's going to be a dive machine OR rule it out based on the track width?
  10. This may be a stupid question, but would they ever build gigas with inversions? If not, why wouldn't they?
  11. I'm curious, would the workers in fact turn you away if you stopped by just to have a look and not even ask questions? Is something like this that secretive?
  12. I was thinking track in July potentially if the ride is as large as some speculation would suggest (that I'm personally buying into but may be wrong), and then the announcement will come in August.
  13. I certainly can't wait for an announcement. Hopefully it comes in August. If it's going to be as massive as speculated, I could see track start to arrive before the announcement, perhaps in July? Maverick's track, if I remember, began being delivered outside Breakers Express long before the announcement in September, perhaps in June or July and that ride is nowhere near the scale that this thing will be if even 2/3 of that land is going to be used.
  14. From CoasterBuzz user Marvin Miller in their KI 2014 topic: "We went to Kings Island again last Monday with my 2 middle kids (got 4), and their friends. We rode Diamonback 11 times -- the lines were about 5-8 minutes long, not a walk-on like last week Wednesday. Dang. Hopefully Cedar Point lines would be near-walk on next week 28th to 30th. Anyway, as we made our way through the Action Zone, walking towards Flight Deck, we saw a group of 4 men looking fairly out of the place. 3 were Kings Island park operations admin, I believe. They wore name tags: Jeff, Robb(?) and the other one? The
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