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  1. I went on windseeker last night and thought it was a fun ride, but I was riding alone and it was pretty windy at the top so we were moving around a lot.
  2. When I left the park at 2 it was down, but it was really nice to see it finally open and full of people.
  3. Sounds like they might get Windseeker open sometime today, if not tomorrow...
  4. I was working so no pic but windseeker was rotating up to about the halfway point around 12:30 today.
  5. from what I saw today they opened up the midway around windseeker, dont think they have started testing yet if they are its at night.
  6. Just got back from going on it got on it 4 1/2 times. I really liked it up to when we crashed into Tatooine wich broke the ride.
  7. the Galloping Goose is a bus type thing they use during the off times so they dont have to use the two c-19s steam engines, they want to use the forney from CP/disney for this at some point.
  8. and you get into lots of trouble if they see you walking in them.
  9. Knotts dosn't have anything like that on theres, but theres if the first one.
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