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  1. I LOVE that drop! But I'm kinda upset with all those twists... I want airtime or floating-time on a flyer, not rolls that have no purpose than to be disorienting and make me sick.


    To me the point of a flyer is to be "disoreinting" and not know where the hell is up or down and where are you going. The forces should be part of them too. Airtime would work better on non flyers or non inverted coasters.

  2. I went to Olga Tañon's concert yesterday and it was incredible. The stadium was packed! Not to mention people gathered on the grassy fields on both ends of the stadium. The food was good, above park quality food. However I'm a little jaded when it comes to the cuisine at viva la musica, I'm Puerto Rican. While I really liked the food options and they tasted great, they will never taste like home lol. But props to SeaWorld, I wish they extended this event on Sundays.

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