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  1. Here are a few waterparks in the area....



    Wet and wild

    Blizzard beach

    typhoon lagoon

    Coco key hotel/waterpark

    Discovery cove

    Legoland waterpark


    Plus several other smaller waterparks in the area. There are also many other waterparks within an hour or so of orlando like adventure island and buccaneer bay. There is also wild waters (although this park is a little more than an hour plus away).


    I may be wrong, but most tourists to the orlando area are there for the theme parks. I am not sure how many people would travel from all over the world to go to a waterpark. Most city's in this country have a waterpark either in the city or nearby.


    Discovery is not really a water park or a theme park. But I will like to see a Universal Creation. Hopefully they get rid of Wet n Wild

  2. I sometimes feel that way, But I am not afraid to show it and not afraid to correct my friends and family about some erroneous GP facts lol. I do turn it down a notch and everyone for the most part is okay with it. I actually can get annoy easily by other enthusiasts like me who just plainly take it too far. (i e loudly and intentionally correct someone to simply embarrassed them, etc)

  3. I do not understand how some people say that SeaWorld is bland... Bland to me seems dull, something you would just cut and paste. SeaWorld is very colorful, has good mixed use of attractions and the shows are very good. They may not make you want to come back again but it is far from bland.


    I hope I don't jump the gun on this one and that I do not get killed for it...but, I feel that Kentucky Kingdom is bland. Lightning Run looks great and the way they are building up the park seems to be heading in the right direction , at least for the amount of guest that visit. But even in the Six Flags days it never made me go out of the way for it.

  4. I've only been to 4 of them...

    But SFOT, SFOG, SFGAdv, SFNE, in that order. For whatever reason I like SFOT more, I feel as if the atmosphere really clicks in. I liked SFOG and I had a pleasant experience with their service and their rides are well rounded. SFGAdv has a lot of great rides, but other than that it felt too hyped for me. SFNE was nice when I went, just lacking in several areas. Would like to return to give it one more try.

  5. Since I'm visiting the park in a few days, any advice? Also, is their anywhere in the Tampa area where we could get coupons?


    BGT has a lot of discounts going on. Your best bet is going to be purchasing a weekday ticket online or over the phone. It is $65 compare to $95 at the park. If you go on a weekend you can still get a discount $80, plus you can get a second day free (you have to visit guest relations before leaving to get second day free and it must be used within a 6 day period. )They also have a play and dine at $95 which will cover your food all day. I think that is a great deal. There are barely any outside coupons as they offer a lot of discounts. If anyone in your family is a triple A member they can check their website, sometimes they have good offers, oh and if you are military as well. Wavesofhonor.com


    Hope this help!

  6. I always wear shorts, a comfortable white t shirt and comfortable WALKABLE shoes. I am not bothered by heat too much but I always make sure that I drink plenty of water. Make sure you get a good night sleep before. Avoid Soda or any other sugary drink. Just stick to water, you can ask for cups of water. Yeah they are small but sometimes I convince them to give me the bigger cup with light ice. You can put off any sugary craving towards the end of the day. If you are not about credit whoring then space out attractions by level of coolness, do the ones you think you will have more wait throughout the day in the morning, that way you do not wait in line in the heat and dont be afraid to watch a corny show or get wet. It really helps a lot.

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