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  1. That's the thing it is the new SFKK because they have good rides but the rides hurt also some people just stop by the park to get ride credits. They really need to renavate Nightwing
  2. The Premier ear was 1998-2005 but if they wanted to sell it why would they redo Hurricane Harbor and add in the only original flying dutchmen to stay at it's original park?
  3. Still look at Six Flags America during the first few years of the permier area they cared then they stopped caring. They left 2 face in SBNO until the after season of 2008.
  4. I miss the old permier area of Six Flags that is when it was at it's best with themeing not it is just messed up
  5. It is like Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom people stopped there to ride rides and moved on. It should have been put up for sale in 2006 because it was failing but they needed a D.C. market
  6. Yes we have seen PTRs from Six Flags America. This is six Flags second attempted at a park in the D.C. area. I say it was not the best idea because they went 11 years with out any coasters and from 2003-2010 barley any rides were added besides a new kids area. Two Face the Flip side is now off the property and is Ultra Twister was never built. I say it was not the best idea
  7. by the sounds of it you should do Kennywood,Idlewile,Waldeemer,Wildwater Kingdom and Cedar Point
  8. Ok Tomb Raider just flat out sucked but the Italian Job was EPIC
  9. I am also looking for any of theses maps or brochure listed Any Paramount's Park maps from any park 1993-2006 Six Flags maps from any park from 1997-2007 Port Acventure Universal Studios era 1997-2004 Darien Lake-2007&2008 Cedar Poin 1993-2010 Valley Fair 1998-2012 Worlds of Fun 1995-2012 Carowinds 1993-2010 Kings Island 1993-2010 Kings Dominion 1993-2012 California's Great America 1999-2011 Canada's Wonderland 1999-2012 Dorney Park 1995-2012 Geauga Lake 1999,2001,2004-2007
  10. I also have Giant 2006 Six Flags Magic mountain poster 2012-Scarowinds map(x2) 2012-Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunt map 2012-sfstl(x2) 2011-sfstl(x2) 2008-2009 Six Flags Knetucky Kingdom Brouchure
  11. I have a huge map trade list. Bold means that it will mean that you need to have my major wants or Money or not for trade. If not bold it means that I am willing to give away and I need to dump my Six Flags maps. If underlined then it means it could be on both majior or regular trade Six Flags Over Texas-2012(X2) Six Flags Over Texas-2011 Six Flags Fiesta Texas-1997 Six Flags Astroworld-2005 (From the final day) Six Flags Fiesta Texas-2011 brochure Six Flags Discovery Kingdom-2011 (water damage) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom-2012 Six Flags Magic Mountain-2011(X2) Six Flags Magic Mountain-2012(X2 but rain damage) Six Flags Magic Mountain 2010 Knott's Berry Farm map-2007 2006 Knott's Soak city Chula Vista Darien Lake-2011 2005 Six Flags Marine World map The Great Escape-2011 map The Great Escape 2012 map The Great Escape-2012 one page brouchure The Great Escape-2011 brouchure The Great Escape hotel brouchure (X2) Darien Lake-2011 brouchure Cedar Point-2011 map Cedar Point-2012 map (x4) Cedar Point giant map-2012 with wildcat still on Soak City-2012 Wildwater Kingdom-2011 Wildwater Kingdom-2012 Six Flags Ohio-2000 not for trade unless a really good offer Six Flags Worlds of Adventure-2002 and 2003 map not for trade King's Island-2011 King's Island 2012 (x1) King's Island 2011 info brouchure King's island-2012 Dino alive brouchure Six Flags Hurricane Harbor NJ-2012 and 2011 Six Flags Great Adventure-2011 and 2012 Six Flags Great America-2011 and 2012 Six Flags America-2012 (x2) Six Flags America-2011 Mt.Olyumpus-2011 all parks guide and map Waldammer-2011 map Carowinds-2011 Six Flags Wild Safari-2011 and 2012(x2) Aquawalibi-2012 Brouchures Six Flags New England-2011 Six Flags Great Adventure-2011 Six Flags great Adventure-2012 along with other random crap Walibi Belgium-2012-(in Dutch-French-English) Waibi Holland-2011(in Dutch,German,French and English) Six Flag Over Georgia-2012 Six Flags Flash pass system Other Random stuff Walibi Holland bumper stickers(x2) Who evers owns Movie World,Sea World,Wet'n Wild Vip pass info Mt. Olympus info post card grievous66- I am intreasted in SFGA 2007 fright guide Ccron10- intreasted in PKD 2006 brouchure and King's Dominion 2012 map as well as a 2006 Dorney Park map
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