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  1. I just realized that two rides at two Cedar Fair parks that both opened in 2000 are being torn down in 2012. RIP Son of Beast and Perilous Plunge.
  2. That is SO beautiful! B&M coaster + green mountains + ocean = AMAZING!
  3. Here are some things I came up with to make Knott's the "perfect" park. -Take out Boomerang. The ride is as old as dirt and isn't enjoyable to ride anymore. -Give Ghostrider some new trains. Millennium Flyers or Timberliners would be nice. -Take out a flat ride or two in Fiesta Village. It seems a little "crammed" in that area of the park. Maybe the Hat Dance and/or the Dragon Swing. This also opens up this edge of the park for something special...(wink, wink). As for the old PP spot, it could be anything from a B&M hyper coaster with a splashdown to a Mack splash battle. All we can do is wait and see. Some of these idea are a little hypathetical but I think it might make the park look a little more nice.
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