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  1. All the bigger rides were like that. Some had black security shirts on.
  2. The ride ops were quick because it had a separate unloading station. I also found it weird that 2 different ride ops checked the restraints. But that happened even on the flat rides. 4 ops for the loading and 2 for the unloading.
  3. The seats and OTRs had a lot of padding on them so it wasn’t too bad. I rode it 4 times. The back had a bit more force to it in the helix.
  4. It is nice that half the park is indoors because it was 95 out that day. They had the worst motion simulator ride I’ve been on. The haunted house was fun but I’m sure it’s better when they have employees to scare you.
  5. My day at Star City in Manila. Jack? Hmm very familiar... Egyptian Spinning Coaster. Sadly did not spin much
  6. Yeah B&M is a class or 2 above RCM. Just when I took a survey for SFGAm it had a video of a dive coaster and one of the questions mentioned a dive coaster. A raptor was not listed as an option. Maybe we will get a Vekoma Dive coaster.
  7. Mine had a video of a Dive coaster. Which I’d like to see vs a raptor
  8. When will RMC learn how to make a decient train? Their design makes Arrow cars look comfy
  9. Not that I'm not a bing fan of the beast but it would nice to see some of the track redone and have some of those trim breaks removed or make them so they don't slow down the ride as much...
  10. Is it just me or does it seem that the hanger element looks kinda cheep... couldn't they have built something more than just a wall
  11. The one thing that i would like this park to have is some faster way of getting from one side to the other! it takes forever... they should also fix some of their go cart tracks as well
  12. I hope they changed the trains on the old Iron Wolf cuz when it was at sfga it was not a smooth ride to ride
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