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  1. Cyrbuzz - It's quite complicated, but there is a tutorial for it on NE. Also, you will need the right version of 8cars for it and an invisible support blocker in your scenery.



    RCT2day - I very highly doubt you can use RCT2 without the disc even with RCTModified (which is a modified version of rct2 of which the link on NE was disabled). You'll just have take the disc with you or manage without the game for a while.

  2. ^I did something similar to that, but the mine track is visible through the woody track so it doesn't look good.

    Anyway I built the wooden coaster layout, built the mine track layout backwards (you must do it backwards otherwise you get ghost track) through it using zero clearance, deleted the woody track, painted the land tiles where the mine track was (I used green tile (you must use a texture not yet used in the park) ), lowered the mine track -1 using Map Object Manipulation in 8cars, then rebuilt the wooden coaster track above it using zero clearance. This is probably the easiest way if you don't want mine track poking through or if you don't want to use scenery. Thanks for the comments guys!

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