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  1. The biggest problem i'm having at the moment is the landscape (I include foliage in this as well). Build the terrain first and then build the park. Even parks like Cedar Point, which are predominantly flat have some terrain changes. And with the foliage, don't just add trees to make it look pretty. Put some shrubs and flowers in there to make it seem more real. They're a part of the park too. I'm going to agree about the coloured wooden coasters, but they're much more compact than that. Don't just have some hills, a 180* turn and some more hills. Look at pictures of real life coasters and watch some POVs. And that 2nd dip on the Splash Boats should be made steep-slope.

  2. Contruction Update!

    I have replaced the park's oldest roller coaster, Screamin' Eagle, with a healine attraction for the new year. I decided that with only one Intamin coaster (Venomous), the park was to have another. I now present to you, Speed. With a top speed of 107mph and a max height of 345ft, this LSM launched roller coaster certainly lives up to its name! And it looks like Intamin have started work already!




    Looks like one worker has already arrived at the site!




    The first pieces have arrived! And they come with some supports too!




    Contruction begins! A crane has already begun lifting pieces into place!

  3. Hello, I am new here but have been on New Element. Firstly, I would like to say that this project is not dead. I kindly asked funkeymon on NE if I could finish the park and he agreed. We then discussed a few things about the park (what to keep and what I can edit/remove). Since then I have edited one of the layouts and added a castle-themed gift shop.


    Stop by the Gift Shop on your way out!

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