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  1. With all due respect Robb, you should be thankful that people like me are "obnoxious" enough to defend Americans to the wire because if there weren't you sure as hell wouldn't be able to do what you do as a living(traveling around riding coasters). In fact the only reason your able to safely travel to other country's is because of people like me. I never said you don't know what your talking about because you probably do. I just saw people calling Americans wimps and I had to respond, being that it's technically my job. I had no idea the coasters industry was so stereotypical about Americans. Btw, that comment about me having a country to defend? I'm current on leave (vacation) and was planning to attend WCB but not anymore. I'll just sell my ticket and go do something better with my time. This is actually my brothers account but I thought I'd check out the site to see what's up being that riding rollercoasters is one of the only things I have to take my mind off the stressful environment I'm usually in. Thanks
  2. Yes. There are stereotypes for a reason. Congrats on defending our country....but when it comes to theme parks and roller coasters, in general, the American audience needs to have things a bit watered down, and certainly more idiot proof. Not as much watered down as, let's say, for the Japanese audience who prefers really tame rides, but when you look at some rides in Europe versus rides in America, there are some crazy things there that would never fly here. And not with just intense rides, but also when it comes to safety and common sense. Why do you think there are so many more rules, restraints, and restrictions when it comes to our parks? I remember doing crowd control outside of Splash Mountain and people coming up to me freaking out about the ride. And I'd say "Ma'am, it's a family log flume that most 4 to 5 year olds can ride." and they'd point to the drop and say "I don't care....I'm not getting on THAT thing!!!!" And this is Splash freaking Mountain!!! I remember people getting upset because they didn't know Pirates of the Caribbean had a "drop" and you'd say "That drop is about the size of your average playground slide" and they be all "Doesn't matter.... it scared the crap out of me!" Here's another scenario for you to think about.... A ride like Top Thrill Dragster has an hourly capacity of about 1,000 people. Your average park day at Cedar Point is about 12 hours. That only leaves room for about 12,000 people per day to ride. Well, in 2007, for example, the average daily attendance for Cedar Point was 22,000 people. That's an average of 10,000 people who didn't ride Top Thrill Dragster each day. And I can tell you, they didn't not ride it because the line was too long and were turned away, they didn't ride it because they simply didn't want to go on it! There are more people freaked out about thrill rides than you think. Look, I don't know the first thing about defending a country, so I'll trust your judgement in that, but I do know a thing or two about park operations, so why don't you trust that my comments are sincere? Personally, I think it's quite naive of you to not want to listen to facts about our country just because you are in the military. None of what I'm saying is "Anti-American" at all, it's just simply factual data about the people who live in this country, their likes/dis-likes and certain trends. BTW, America is also fatter than most of the rest of the world. Are you going to deny that fact as well? --Robb "Who would love to see a Zac-Spin run in the US like Insane does...but I know that would last about 30 seconds..." Alvey So it's factual data that Americans are wimpy on rides? Alright, I guess I'll take your word for it since you are rob alvey. And no, I would not deny that Americans are the fastest. It's quite evident, it just a little hard to believe what you were saying since I doubt anyone had actually gathered data on coaster wimpyness. Hahaha
  3. ^ Ya I know you all meant on rollercoasters. But seriously I just can't take it when people categorize Americans in any aspect. I mean do you really believe nationality has anything to do with peoples fears of a ride.
  4. Sorry you must of mistaken me. I'm a private in the 82nd Airborne Division, 2nd Brigade Combat Team out of Fort Bragg. Just defending my countrymen like I signed up to do. Great to know I'm fighting for people like you who sit around eating funnel cake and riding coasters for a living and making comments like that. And also, I'm assigned to Afghanistan in 5 months so you can guess if I'm scared to go to Germany.
  5. ^I 100% agree with this, I've never had an issues with GL down there. After I305 blackouts and GL intensity Intamin probably think we Americans are a bunch of wimps lol. Because we are! Americans are wimps huh? Tell that to the Nazis and Al-Qaeda. You all should be ashamed. Home of the Brave!
  6. Does anyone know what the wait times look like this coming Monday (presidents day)?
  7. That award would have to go to Revolution, IMO. If I were you, I would hope that QueerRudie doesn't see that, or you'll feel the wrath... I have Nina as my least-favorite. I like to use the term least-favorite over worst because every coaster is special. Oh no. I would hate to feel the wraith of "QUEERrudie"
  8. ^ That and theres a bumper sticker on the tractor that's says "got aquatrax"
  9. ^ shoot not space mountain. Not even a launch I meant California's Screamin
  10. 1. Volcano: Blast coaster 2. Xcelerator 3. Superman: EFK 4. Rock n Rollercoaster (first coaster with inversions- 5th grade) 5. Space mountain (DL)
  11. Just got back from the park. They made quite a bit of progress on the log jammer area. It's looking a lot bigger of an area than I amagined. They cleared the old mono station completely and flattened it out. It also looked like they dug into the steep terrains in the very back of the LJ spot near gold rusher to make it more flat
  12. I know exactly how that feels, I traveled to the east coast to go on the tallest coaster in the world (kinda ka) and it was closed. This was all after I shifted my plans to get away from hurricane Irene.
  13. GIGA COASTER 2013 FOR SFMM!! The park NEEDS airtime and this side of the country NEEDS a giga. No ifs ands or buts.
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