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  1. I was getting the same error while trying to log in. I just kept retrying and it let me in about 2 minutes later.
  2. I missed it myself, but I'll catch it at 11 tonight. If you can't catch it at 11 and no one recorded, it you should be able to find it online tomorrow here. EDIT: The episode is now up online for those who wanted to watch it. http://watch.discoverychannel.ca/daily-planet/november-2011/daily-planet---november-30-2011/#clip577462
  3. Perhaps when the support is capped it will be 240', but it is definitely not that high yet. The track beside that support should be sitting around 175' right now, and even thats higher than the uncapped support. Maybe they made a slight error and meant to say it will be 240' when capped.
  4. ^I edited my post to torture instead, they do have the right against that.
  5. ^The transfer track will be right after the brake run just before the station.
  6. ^I was wondering the exact same thing so I googled it. This is what I got as a result...
  7. This one comes from Canada's Wonderland's facebook, by the same guy who's comments I posted earlier. After reading that quote about 5 times now, it still boggles my mind...
  8. ^I checked his profile and it is indeed the same guy. His profile is filled with various comments on parks facebook pages. Another noteworthy one from him on Six Flags facebook page...
  9. Found this on Canada's Wonderland's facebook and thought it was worthy of posting here... I just took a screen shot rather then quoting it all.
  10. ^The station will be right were it was in the renderings. It will be right after the brake run, then the track will turn and head into the lift.
  11. It is scheduled to open with the park in 2012. I don't think they will have the problems they did with WindSeeker- it's a B&M
  12. I'm still thinking that this coaster was destined for Canada's Wonderland all along. Even if some of the sections could fit at Knott's, or any other park for that matter, it just fits to perfectly at CW for me to believe it was designed for another park. I suppose it may have been intended for another CF park, and that when the decision was decided to move it, the design was changed as well, but it would take a long time to edit the design. So if it was intended for another park, the decision was made to move it a LONG time ago. P.S. just because Screamscape reports the rumour of a 500' looping aquatrax dive machine, does not mean it is happening.
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