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  1. Larry, I'm sure you don't need me to lecture you on the difference between denotation and connotation, so you are either being deliberately glib or obtuse. Enthusiast connotes that someone puts effort into their hobby above and beyond that of a normal person.
  2. I'm glad fewer people enjoy the back wing seats. It means they're always open for me whenever I get into the station.
  3. bumpy? I really wonder sometimes about people's roughness expectations for new coasters. It throws you all over the place but bumpy is not one word that would ever come to mind as a description of this ride. Glad you like it, but If you ever get invited to a Skyrush ERT I'd be happy to go in your place. Also, you have discovered one of the secrets of Hersheypark. If you are there on the weekend, get there early for Fahrenheit and the back of the park... and then do SOMETHING ELSE during the middle of the day when it's miserably hot and all you will be doing is standing in line. Come back around 4PM and stay until closing and you will have no trouble getting all the rides you want after ~6. I have never experienced crowd problems being there late. The place attracts so many families with little kids that a good chunk of the people at the park will be on their way home by 4.
  4. Like the show, but could they please stop calling every Tom, Dick, and Harry who wanders into the front gate of a park a "coaster enthusiast"? It gets tiring listening to these people hem and haw about "maybe I'll actually enjoy this, but I don't knowwww it looks tall!" and then get labeled as a coaster enthusiasts in the bottom right corner.
  5. Got 5-6 runs on this yesterday and just wanted to pop in to reinforce that SkyRush still hauls major ass after the mods from last year. The lift slowdown at the top is more noticeable towards the front of the train, but in the back row (where the best rides on this beast are anyway, particularly the right wing seat) you can't even tell. Still my #1 steel coaster, we are truly hyper-spoiled here in the Mid Atlantic. On another note, they made the lap bars about as soft as possible while still being functional and I still heard some complaining about the lap bars being too tight. This ride is just too much for some people, and it is better that way.
  6. It seems like a new international "Paramount Theme Park to Rival Disney" is proposed every few months and it never materializes... So best to keep expectations in check.
  7. You are right about the turnpike, but between Exit 6 and Exit 7A is only ~10 miles, the Newark plan risks spending much more time on the Turnpike. I've made it from Western Philadelphia to Rutgers (Exit 9 on the Turnpike) in 1hr20mins regularly during the edges of friday rush hour both ways for work, it can be done relatively easily even with the construction traffic... however due to the construction it can clog up at random times for seemingly no reason (most likely accident related). The best path is as follows... You can avoid the turnpike completely if you follow 95 North from Philly Intl to Trenton, NJ then get on 195 where it starts East of Trenton. It is guaranteed to be less hassle than dealing with the NYC/Newark area or getting on the NJ Turnpike at any time.
  8. Andrew, It might be easier to fly into Philadelphia International, the drive it the same distance to SF as from Newark (probably a little shorter) and traffic is guaranteed to be less...
  9. Based on the concept art on the website, it looks like the trains may have been redone using "over the shoulder" lap bars similar to the Mack trains and SkyRush instead of the previous method of attaching it from below... or it could be crappy Six Flags artwork using a shot of DDD for the 2x3 train look. How are the Superman restraints attached at SFDK?
  10. Every fiber of my being wishes it was a DDD clone or something similar, but my gut and history of being disappointed by these announcements tells me this is a new 6-slide mat racer.
  11. That's a real shame, it was far from the worst coaster there.
  12. Sometimes I wonder what other people's definition of "lots of headbanging" is, because Medusa/Bizarro has never had lots of headbanging, or really any at all, any time I've ever ridden it.
  13. For whatever reason, Bizarro doesn't draw people and now with Green Lantern (despite one being a standup and one being floorless) the park has a big multi-looper drawing big lines, so Bizarro feels almost extraneous which is why I am prone to believing these rumors. I haven't waited longer than a few trains to get on it since probably the year it opened as Medusa, even the Bizarro transformation barely made a blip it seems. It would probably be more appreciated in another part of the country and I would bet SF feels similarly.
  14. Seems like the rumors elsewhere point to Bizarro getting moved (maybe to SFGAm as a mea culpa for stealing Green Lantern) and building the new entrance to the Wild Safari back in that area, which also preps the area of the park for guest traffic when they inevitably build the drop tower on the side of Kingda Ka. Can't say I'd be too sad about the potential loss of Bizarro. Hindsight shows that Medusa when it was first built was likely B&M's first step down the "forceless wonder" path that would come to full fruition by the early-mid 2000's. Atleast it is glass smooth which is more than can apparently be said about Scream at SFMM. Incidentally, I just bought two $25 tickets to GADv good til October using the online promo code MILITARY. They included free admission to Wild Safari with the Theme Park as well as two extra guest tickets to Wild Safari so it seems like they are really pimping it out before the makeover.
  15. It's definitely Rolller Soaker. Trailblazer is the only real entry level coaster in the park and is a classic park icon for people that have been going there for years. I can't see it being removed because maintenance does not seem to be an issue. Wild Mouse still draws large lines and I'm not sure how its space could be better utilized. I've been to the park tons of times and never once bothered to ride Roller Soaker. I've hung out in the area and shot the water guns from the ground but the line was always prohibitive because of how slow throughput is. I think I remember getting in line for it once and getting out a half hour later after barely moving. Taking it out and adding a boardwalk themed River Battle ride would be a much more interesting use of that space, and it would eat more people/kids at the crowded Boardwalk.
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